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Berry Amendment Compliant Fabrics

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Outlined since the early 1940s, Berry amendment compliant fabrics exist due to a legislative measure branched from the Buy American Act. While the act itself is a straightforward measure of obtaining certain U.S. produced goods first, certain complexities are wound within its contents.

Not sure on what defines something to be Berry compliant? At Canvas Etc., we provide expertise to make all of your projects and applications suited to your every need. We’ll ensure our fine selection of Berry compliant fabrics work with ease.

The Berry Amendment and Buy American Act

As noted, the Berry Amendment is in place because of the Buy American Act of 1933. As his last legislative act before leaving the presidency, President Herbert Hoover passed into public law the Buy American Act as an effort to uphold the purchases of american products before foreign ones.

The Buy American Act is simple enough to breakdown: any good for purchase specifically for government use is locally sourced first versus overseas (unless from a qualifying country). Anything produced in the United States would hold preference in purchase over something outside of America.

The main discrepancy to this act was that if said item was found to be sold higher than 25% than another qualifying country, or if there were domestic non-availability determinations filed and approved because the product could not be sourced, then said good could be purchased overseas.

The Berry amendment (added in 1941) lists exceptions to the leniency of the Buy American Act. Certain goods specifically purchased solely by the Department of Defense (like certain food, clothing, fabrics, hand or measuring tools, and specialty metals) cannot bypass the original exceptions.

While exceptions have been put into place over time to this legislation, its main purpose is to ensure that the government lessens its dependence on foreign sources by going to domestic sources first.

What makes a Berry Amendment Compliant Fabric?

Berry amendment compliant fabric is any fabric manufactured only in the United States of America. Whether grown, processed, or reused the fibers yarns must be made on U.S. soil in order to be Berry compliant. If a contracting officer for the Department of Defense cannot find the fabric they require domestically, then a Domestic Non-Availability Determination (a DNAD, or waiver) needs filing for outsource approval.

The Berry amendment gave new life to the simplified acquisition threshold method, which defines purchasing guidelines by a contracting officer of the Department of Defense. National defense authorization acts like the Berry amendment allows for competition for small business in the United States which helps are local economy.

Berry amendment fabric styles are endless as a result. Whether synthetic fibers, natural fibers, or a blend, as long as the fabric is made in the U.S.A., it is Berry compliant.

Berry Amendment Compliant Fabric Types

Although trade agreements make it possible to import all sorts of different styles of fabric, having locally sourced fabric at hand is ideal. Some selections carried at Canvas ETC. that are specifically Berry amendment compliant are:

  • 70 Denier Nylon Ripstop: This synthetic fabric is made and sold directly within the United States! This nylon is not only durable, but is also flame retardant. Its uses are endless for your every application.
  • Milspec Cordura 1000 Denier Nylon: Preferred for military use, this high tensile nylon’s build is tough. It has an extremely well rated abrasion resistance, and comes in a variety of colors.

Our Berry amendment compliant selection is continuously growing! Our selection is fully manufactured in America and works for any project you have in mind.

Berry Amendment Compliant Fabric Uses

As Berry amendment compliant fabrics come in many varieties, uses are infinite! Some great uses for the Berry amendment compliant fabrics we carry are:

  • Backpacks: School bags and camping packs need well-rounded strength and lastibility. With the right shoulder straps and support, most bags are capable of supporting a lot of weight. So, it’s perfect for college and high school students.
  • Reusable Grocery Bags: This option conveniently gives you non-plastic options for your shopping. These bags fold up easily into pockets, purses and glove boxes for your convenience. With our Berry compliant fabric selection, they are easy to sew yourself!
  • Indoor Equipment Covers: Large tool, car or furniture covers are easily fashioned from any varieties of Berry amendment compliant fabrics. Keep your momentos safe with an easy indoor equipment cover.
  • Jackets and Outerwear: Make variable weighted jackets that repel water with any of our Berry compliant fabrics! They will keep you safe against extreme weather and harsh conditions, while outlasting other fabrics.

Want more information on our other Berry amendment compliant fabrics? Our fabric experts are here to help! Contact us today to learn more.