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Milspec Cordura 1000 Denier Nylon – MIL-DTL-32439

Milspec Cordura 1000 Denier Nylon - MIL-DTL-32439


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Milspec Cordura: åÊSolution dyed highly durableåÊmilspec fabric used for militaryåÊapplications and products like backpacks, hydration packs, combat boots, vests, helmets and much more. åÊExtremely strong, durable, high abrasion resistance, resistant to fading and UV. åÊBerry amendment compliant and Made IN USA!

1 Linear yard of this fabric is about 3′ Long x 58/60″ wide

Note:åÊ All Canvas Material is sold by the linear yards.åÊ Order of 10 yards or more is shipped on a roll.åÊ Anything less, please click the checkbox below to have it shipped on a cardboard tube.åÊ There is an extra $15 charge for this.åÊ Primed artist canvas is the only item shipped on a tube regardless of length.

Volume Breaks:åÊ 50-99 Yds 5% Off, 100 yards 10% Off

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Milspec Corduraå¨ – 1000 Denier Textured Nylon – Type 1 Class 3 – Berry Compliant – Solution Dyed – Urethane Coated – DWR (Meets Milspec MIL-DTL-32439 Type 1 Class 3)

Milspec Cordura å¨ is widely used in military gear. This solution dyed fabric has high abrasion resistance and resistance to puncturing and tears. The fabricåÛåªs added durability aids in protection of our combat troops and equipment. Almost every inch of a soldier is covered in a Corduraå¨ fabric or web.

Solution dyed Corduraå¨ has better color fastness and resistance to fading than piece dyed Corduraå¨. Canvas Etc. offers milspec Corduraå¨ in standard military colors and custom colors. All our Corduraå¨ products are Berry Amendment Compliant, made in the USA!

Corduraå¨ was originally created by the DuPoint company as a type of rayon. The fabric was further developed in World War II. Eventually Corduraå¨ nylon fabric was developed and perfected. Nylon became a better option than rayon. In the late 1970s, soft-sided luggage was created with Corduraå¨. Even today, companies continue to use Corduraå¨ for its durability.

Milspec Cordura å¨ Benefits

The benefits of milspec Cordura å¨ are apparent in the fact that the US Military and other tactical suppliers consistently use this material to create products and clothing. Here are some reasons why:

  • Able to create stylish clothes from the rugged material
  • Tear and abrasion resistant
  • Built to last
  • Stain resistant due to solution dyed yarns used to manufacture the fabric

Durability the Military Trusts

Most US Army combat uniformsåÊuse Corduraå¨ fabric in their production. This fabric was created to be tough and strong in order to serve the troops well during stressful combat situations. Designs and fabric manufacture create a garment that withstands the stress of repeat motions and harsh climates. A demanding job deserves clothing that can keep up.

About the Berry Amendment

Created the early 1940s, Berry Amendment exists due to a legislative measure outlined in the Buy American Act. The act was passed by Congress and President Hoover in 1933 to require government agencies to prefer US-made products over foreign products.

The Buy American Act is simple in its intention: any good for purchase specifically for government use is locally sourced first versus overseas (unless from an approved, qualifying country). Any products manufactured in the United States would hold preference in purchase over something outside of America. A Contracting Officer has the authority to waive the Act if the product made in the US is 25% more expensive than the imported product or if itåÛåªs not available in the US.

Berry Amendment compliant fabric consists of any fabric made only in the United States of America. Whether grown, processed, or reused, the fiberåÛåªs yarns must be made in the US to be considered Berry compliant. If a Contracting Officer for the Department of Defense cannot find the fabric needed domestically, then a Domestic Non-Availability Determination (a DNAD, or waiver) needs filing for outsource approval.

Non-military Corduraå¨ Uses

Corduraå¨ is the brand name of fabrics that are used for a variety of reasons. Here are some non-military uses for Corduraå¨ fabric:

  • Work Wear: CorduraåÛåªs durability exceeds most other fabrics. Basically, if you work in strenuous environments such as construction or manual labor jobs, this nylon-based fabric withstands many washings, while retaining its abrasion resistance and color.
  • Tents/Outdoor Shelters: Corduraå¨ style fabrics like our synthetic lightweight tent fabric, made of coated textured polyester, is water repellent and mildew resistant. Its breathability is used for liner applications in outdoor shelters including tents or yurts. Subsequently, it comes in flame retardant varieties.
  • Jackets:åÊIn outdoor situations for backpacking or hiking, or if you need a jacket to keep you warm during your commute, Corduraå¨ style fabrics is what you want. For instance, even ouråÊballistic nylon fabricåÊhas amazing anti-abrasive qualities and can keep you safe depending on the weight of the fabric.
  • Coverings: Our 1000 Denier Nylon (similar to milspec Corduraå¨), is made with protection in mind. Surely, if you need a cover for your outdoor furniture or watercraft furniture, its water repellent and mildew resistant properties can protect your outdoor products against all kinds of weather.
  • Bags: Corduraå¨ fabric is used in luggage applications since the late 1970s. As I have said, its durable style makes it ideal for a number of styles of bags. Therefore, whether using the basic backpack for traveling or school, or duffel bags for sports gear and working out, this fabric handles the demands.

Milspec Corduraå¨ Features

Weight: 11-12 oz/ sq yd

Width (inches): 60″

Content: 100% High Tenacity Nylon

Coating: 3/4 oz Polyurethane

Finish: Durable Water Repellent

Yarn: Corduraå¨ Yarn

Weave: Plain Weave

Color: Coyote Brown 498, Black, Ranger Green, Tan 499

GRAB Strength: 500×300 lbF (ASTM D5034 WxF)


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Additional information

Weight1.3 lbs
Dimensions1 x 1 x 1 in

linear yard


Black, Coyote Brown 498, Ranger Green, Tan 499

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