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70 Denier Nylon Ripstop

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70 Denier Nylon Ripstop

At Canvas Etc, our coated 70 Denier Coated Nylon Ripstop fabric is used to manufacture a variety of lightweight products. 70 Denier is a urethane-coated nylon ripstop fabric with excellent water repellent properties. It is made from 70 denier yarn, 100 percent nylon ripstop weave. Though it is a durable fabric, it is not suggested for heavy-duty products that is used outdoors.

This nylon fabric contains a UV inhibitor that makes this fabric good for some outdoor applications, but like many fabrics, will fade over time. However, it will outlast some standard 1.9 oz ripstop fabrics. For more heavy-duty applications use our heavier denier nylon and polyester fabrics.  1000 denier nylon, 420 Denier Nylon Packcloth, Solution dyed polyester are some such examples.

Projects Utilizing 70 Denier Nylon Ripstop

There are a variety of amazing commercial and homemade items that can be created using 70 Denier Nylon Ripstop:

  • Banners – Make your event look colorful and bright with our wide variety of denier nylon ripstop.
  • Flags – Flags for all occasions can be made from this lightweight denier. The cloth is easy to fold and design into flag patterns.
  • Hats – Hats made from 70 denier are lightweight, fold easily, and will protect you from the sunlight!
  • Indoor equipment – If you have something in your home or workshop that needs protection but doesn’t require heavy outdoor use, this may be the fabric for you. It can also be used in areas where your pets walk and eat. The water resistant fabric is easy to clean!
  • Jackets and ponchos – Make lightweight jackets that repel water with this versatile fabric. Because it’s easily foldable, you can wrap up your jacket to fit easily in your purse or backpack.
  • Luggage – Our 70 Denier Nylon Ripstop is perfect for luggage, and brightly colored fabrics make your suitcases easy to find in busy airport carousels.
  • Sports bags – Sport bags need to carry heavy loads and be easily cleaned. This denier variety easily holds up to this use!

Directions for Fabric Care

Machine washing in cold water and air drying is recommended for the 70 Denier Nylon Ripstop. Heated drying may damage the fabric and reduce its ability to resist water.

Check out our other denier product offerings. If you have any questions about our 70 Denier Nylon Ripstop, you can contact us for assistance.