70 Denier Nylon | True Timber Camo Fabric | 59/60″ Width


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Uses for this denier nylon in camo include: Tent flooring, laundry bags, bag liners, promotional totes, ponchos, jacket liners, flags, banners, dust covers, furniture moving covers, small inflatables, lightweight apparel, safety gear, hunting gear and many other applications.

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70 Denier Nylon | True Timber Camo Fabric | 59/60″ Wide

Our lightweight True Timber 70 denier nylon camo fabric is a great Ripstop fabric material. It is used often in the manufacturing of windbreakers, rain jackets, ponchos, flags, banners, liners, and even light use equipment covers. This material is coated with polyurethane, and this makes the material very easy to work with.  It also has a DWR finish. Indeed, 70 denier Ripstop has very high water repellent and water proof ratings and is available in a number of colors, in addition to this camo design pattern.

Did you know?

  • Polyurethane coated nylon is made by adding a semi-liquid material to a fabric structure.
  • Manufacturers create urethane coated nylon – a stronger and more stable fabric compared to uncoated denier fabric.
  • Coated nylon fabrics are used in upholstery, luggage, bags and apparel. If used in apparel tiny holes are punched in the fabric to improve it’s breath-ability.

The Benefits of Denier Nylon

Nylon oxford fabric features: Water-repellent, somewhat waterproof, mildew resistant, good tear strength, long lasting, easy to sew, and easy to seam and fold. This is an extremely versatile fabric for use in a number of end products.

Denier Nylon Features

Weight: 3-3.2 oz/ sq yd

Width (inches): 59|60″

Content: 100% High Tenacity Nylon 6

Coating: Polyurethane with UV inhibitors and DWR finish

Finish: Durable Water Repellent, and Dyed

Yarn: 70 Denier Nylon

Weave: Ripstop

Color: True Timber Camo

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