1050 Ballistic Nylon – Natural 66 Made in USA

$12.25 / linear yard

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Super Ballistic Nylon uses:  Kayak and boat skins.

Characteristics:  Stretches, durable, some what puncture proof,

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sk1050 Denier Natural, Made in USA

What is it?

Unlike our dyed and coated 1050 Ballistic Nylon Fabric, our loom-state greige ballistic nylon is woven in USA.  Primary uses for this fabric is to re-skin kayaks and boats.

Another option to consider would be our 1680 ballistic nylon fabric due to its weight and construction.

1050 Ballistic Nylon Natural

Durability: Excellent

Abrasion Resistant: Excellent

Tenacity: Excellent

Comfort: Poor

Absorbency: Poor

Appearance Retention: High

Dimensional Stability: High


Super Ballistic Nylon Specs
Content 100% Nylon

1/1050/136 T-A75 High Tenacity Nylon


1/1050/136 T-A75 High Tenacity Nylon

Thread Count Warp 43 x Fill 41
Weave 2 x 2 Basket
Finish Dyed, Urethane, Water Repellent
Coating Special High Abrasion Resistant PU
Fabric Weight 12.14 oz/sq yd
Coating Weight n/a oz/sq yd
Total Weight 12.15 oz/sq yd
Tensile Warp 1050 x 1000 lb lbf ASTM D5034 – 0

Skin on frame kayaks are one of the most ancient types of watercraft on earth. They’ve been used by indigenous people all over the world for millennia, and they still serve as a viable way to get around in places where more modern materials aren’t available. There’s no reason why you can’t try one out too!

What is a Skin on Frame Kayak?

Skin on frame kayaks are made from wood and animal skins or synthetic fabrics such as ballistic nylon. They’re lightweight, easy to transport, easy to repair and durable. Skin on frame kayaks are cheap to make because you can use salvaged materials or find them at a thrift store or garage sale.

The History of Skin on Frame Kayaks

Skin on frame kayaks are a very old form of kayak. They were originally made by the Inuit people of the Arctic, who used them for hunting and fishing. The Inuit would use animal skins to create a framework that could be covered with wood and other materials to make the boat watertight.

How a Skin on Frame Kayak is Made

Skin on Frame kayaks are made from a wooden frame that supports a stretched animal hide or fabric. The fabric is sewn to the wood frame, creating a waterproof seal between the two.

The fabric is attached to the top and bottom of this wooden boat structure, leaving openings for entry and exit at either end of your kayak as well as along its sides. Once you’re done building it, you can paddle around in comfort without worrying about getting wet!

Popularity of Skin on Frame Kayaks

  • Skin on frame kayaks are popular because they are easy to build.
  • They can be transported in the trunk of a car or strapped to the roof of your vehicle.
  • The materials used for these boats are durable and lightweight, so they’re ideal for camping trips and long journeys down rivers or lakes–or even just for taking out for a day on the water!

Skin on Frame Kayaking Fabric from Canvas ETC

Skin on frame kayaks are lightweight, easy to transport and easy to build, but finding the materials can be a challenge. Canvas ETC has your back with high-quality, affordable 1050 ballistic nylon to skin your kayak.

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