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Polyester Mesh

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At Canvas Etc., we proudly carry an incredible variety of polyester mesh fabric for all of your needs. This textile is a knitted fabric, and it is lightweight. Our polyester mesh fabric is durable and has great wet and dry crocking values (crocking occurs when excess dye rubs off of one fabric onto another fabric and is typically seen in darker or vividly dyed fabrics). It can be easily sewn and used in a variety of applications.

Traditionally, mesh fabrics can be dated back to ancient times! They are looped, knotted, or fused at their intersection which creates the open spaces between the yarns. Mesh fabric can be seen in different applications from clothing to household products. Its synthetic properties make it water repellent and flame resistant which make this fabric versatile for many different projects.

Products Utilizing Polyester Mesh Fabric

Polyester mesh fabric can be found in a number of products and used for different projects, including:

  • Cart Liners: No one likes a dirty cart! Make sure your food and perishables stay fresh and bacteria free by lining your grocery cart with our mesh fabric!
  • Tarps: Keep your backyard orderly with our polyester mesh fabric! Use this fabric in your home garden, or to protect your pool from leaves and debris.
  • Laundry Bags: Keep your laundry area clear by making laundry bags from this wonderful mesh fabric! They will help the air stay clean and our fabric comes in a variety of colors!
  • Mops: This sturdy polyester mesh fabric can help revolutionize your cleaning routine! Use this mesh fabric as a liner for basic sponge mops to tackle gritty floor areas with ease.
  • Reinforcement Lining: Have a bag or travel luggage that needs an extra level of staying power? Put our polyester mesh fabric to good use for fortification!

Be sure to check out our excellent polyester mesh fabric product offerings. If you have any questions, you can contact us for assistance.