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420D Nylon Packcloth

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Nylon packcloth is a lightweight, strong and versatile fabric. Made from high tenacity nylon yarns and coated on one side with polyurethane, this denier fabric is one of our most popular. Used for laundry bags, goat coats, dog coats, slings, horse blankets, x-ray vests, gear bags, satchels, bicycle bags, motorcycle bags, curling broom heads and much much more.
One of the largest selections of colors on the internet, if you can’t find your color here, you probably won’t find it anywhere!
Fast shipping, quick turnaround and wholesale pricing available(depending on volume)
Did you know?
Polyurethane coated nylon is made by adding a semi-liquid material to a fabric structure.
Urethane coated nylon is stronger and more stable than uncoated denier fabric.
Coated nylon fabrics are used in upholstery, luggage, bags and apparel.  If used in apparel tiny holes are punched in the fabric to improve it’s breathability.

Nylon packcloth Features: Water-repellent, Mildew Resistant, High Tear Strength, Low Shrinkage and Stretch, Good Abrasion Resistance, no crocking, minimal fading(after 3 years)

Wholesale pricing available, and custom dye lots!

Volume Discounts:

0-49 yards, list price

50-99 yards, 5% off list

100+ yards, 10% off list!

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