NoSeeUms Mesh | Mosquito Repellent | Black | 54″ Width

$3.36 / linear yard (54" W x 3' L)

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Uses for this mesh fabric include: Tent windows, a natural mosquito repellent, insect barrier, hammocks, hats, backpacks, gardens, clothing, and many other outdoor and garden applications.

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NoSeeUms Mesh | Mosquito Repellent | Black | 54″ Width

Our Mosquito Repellent Noseeums Mesh is used in applications to keep almost all bugs and insects out.  Made in the USA, this mesh netting is Berry compliant for military applications.

Our mosquito repellent noseeums mesh fabric is great for a variety of applications. If you are looking for netting to protect you from insects but allows for maximum breath-ability, NoSeeUm mesh is perfect. At Canvas Etc., we carry a 54 inch width so you can make practically anything from it! This mesh is a known and proven line of defense and mosquito repellent.

Although it’s name seems funny, NoSeeUm was named and created to protect people and animals from pesky “no see ums,” or insects that are hard to see but can be annoying. One amazing benefit is that it prevents people from having to use harmful insecticide sprays. It is an eco-friendly way to protect yourself from bug bites. As a natural mosquito repellent, the durable fabric provides a safe barrier for your family and friends as the insects cannot go through this fine weave.

Mosquito Repellent NoSeeUms Mesh Uses:

  • Tents – Sewn into tent windows, No See Um does an amazing job of allowing airflow without letting bugs in. With all the harmful diseases mosquitoes and ticks carry, this mesh does a good job of keeping bugs away.
  • Insect protection – Whether it is in your yard or while camping, No See Um is the ultimate in insect protection. You can even create a nifty cover that fits over strollers to protect your children while going for walks.
  • Mosquito repellent – the ultimate barrier and line of defense against troublesome mosquitoes.
  • Koi ponds – Protect your precious koi pond from falling leaves and predators by covering it in this ultra-fine mesh. No See Um can be suspended over your pond to protect both fish and the water quality.
  • Hunting camouflage – If you are staking out to hunt deer, duck and other game, this mesh mosquito netting can protect you while allowing you to enjoy the thrill of the hunt!
  • Baby cribs – Creating a safe, suspended net can protect your child on warm summer nights when mosquitoes are at their worst!
  • Gardens – No See Um makes great plant and sun protection for your garden. Suspend it over your delicate plants.
  • Clothing – If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you can create some interesting headgear from No See Um. This fine mesh allows you to breathe and see easily through the fabric.
  •  Canopy or cover– draped or suspended over valuable crops to prevent birds from “stealing” or causing damage (it’s been successfully used in vineyards for years). From starlings, blue jays and grackles, to sparrows and every bird in between, our durable mesh can help you make them look for another source of food other than your crops!
  • Bird and Bat barriers – our mesh is an environmentally friendly, humane solution to exclude unwanted birds and bats without inflicting trauma. Can be used in barns, warehouses, commercial buildings, etc… Simply hang and prevent passage of unwanted creatures.

Custom Color Dye Lots available. Please call us at 404.514.7166 to discuss your unique fabric needs and projects.

NoSeeUms Mesh Features:

Weight: .85 ounces per square yard
Width: 54″
Content: 100% polyester
Coating: None
Finish: Dyed
Yarn: 100% Polyester 20D Stabilized
Color: Black

Weave: Tricot Knit 1054 holes per square inch

Made in the USA!

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