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Cotton Duck Fabric-10 oz

Cotton duck fabric(10 oz) is our most popular utility cloth available.  Slightly heavier than our 7 oz cloth, this fabric can be used for drapes, chair covers, slipcovers, tote bags, corn hole bags and much more.  10 oz canvas is made from single not plied yarns.  The fabric weave is called oxford (2 up 1 down, or 2×1 basket).  Like 7 oz, this is called single filled duck because of the single yarns that make up the fabric.  Not as strong as numbered fabrics or army canvas, but not quite as expensive either.  We purchase all our canvas factory direct and are able to offer you canvas at wholesale pricing.  

Click here for lighter weight 7 oz clothClick here for our tight weave Army Fabric

The warp yarns in single fill cloth has to be treated with sizing before weaving.  So this artificially increases the weight a bit (this is industry standard).  Dyed fabric usually has all sizing removed, but the fabric will still shrink a bit after washing.  Suggested spot clean only.  Natural single fill cloth will shrink a lot more after washing, so keep that in mind prior ordering yardage.  Dyed fabrics are made with direct dyes and should never be used in high fashion or apparel products.

Uses:  Work pants, work shirts, caps, utility overalls, floor cloths, screen printing totes, aprons, wall covering, tents, table mats, plant holders, table runners, aisle runners, cornhole bags and much more.

10 oz duck is also available in a variety of colors for cornhole bags, click here!

Volume Discounts:

0-49 yards, list price

50-99 yards, 5% off list

100+ yards, 10% off list!

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