10 oz Duck Canvas Material Fabric | 60″ Width | Navy – Replaced with Midnight

$7.50 / linear yard(5'W x 3'L)

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Uses for this 10 ounce cotton duck canvas fabric in Navy blue color include: Medium duty bags, gloves, seed bags, sand bags, corn hole bags, general purpose cloth, aprons, bean bags, cover-all’s, tote bags, wind cones, horse blankets, appliance covers, table mats and many more applications.

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10 oz Duck Canvas Material Fabric | 60″ Navy

10 oz duck cloth canvas fabric in navy blue is a medium weight cotton that is used for many different end products. From slipcovers, screen printed totes, coin bags, cornhole bags and many more applications, 10 oz duck cloth is the most versatile fabric in the market.

Canvas fabric is a staple textile used in limitless applications and end-products. Cotton duck canvas has a rich history that extends well into ancient times. From nautical uses like sails to convenient, eco-friendly tote bags, canvas fabric finds its way into all day-to-day uses.

Duck cloth canvas fabric is a popular fabric that is versatile and cost effective. If you’re looking for a durable, well rounded textile, canvas works best for any sort of use. Learn more about the roots of canvas as a textile and how it will benefit your every project.

Duck Cloth Canvas Fabric In History

Duck canvas, made from cotton fibers as previously mentioned, is an old textile. The term “duck” in cotton duck canvas derives from the Dutch word “doek,” which referred to a heavier linen variety of cloth. The Dutch were not the first group to utilize canvas however.

The first uses of canvas, while murky, date back to around 3,000 BC in China. The Chinese first used canvas by processing hemp or jute to construct this fabric. From there, a number of items like sails, shelters and more were made.

The use of canvas fabric spread throughout the world. Many countries across Europe and Asia utilized canvas for all sorts of applications. The use of canvas was not restricted to class either.

Duck canvas became used by all. From the lower class to the affluent, canvas applications found their use with anyone. From coverings to richly painted tapestries, canvas cloth was the best fabric for every sort of task.

Canvas eventually evolved to cotton fibers throughout time. Cotton allowed for duck canvas to become even more versatile. This natural fiber was sturdy and up for many challenges.

Overall, canvas’ place in history is well suited. With the textile’s ability to conform for so many situations and applications, it is no wonder remains one of the most used fabrics in the world.

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Duck Cloth Canvas Fabric Uses:

  • Medium duty bags
  • Gloves
  • Seed bags
  • Sand bags
  • Corn hole bags
  • General purpose cloth
  • Aprons
  • Bean bags
  • Cover-all’s
  • Tote bags
  • Wind cones
  • Horse blankets
  • Appliance covers
  • Table mats

Duck Cloth Canvas Navy Blue Fabric Features:

Weight: 9.5 oz/ sq yd

Width: 58 | 60″

Content: 100% Cotton

Coating: None

Finish: Dyed, Medium Hand, Water Repellent

Yarn: Single

Color: Navy Blue canvas

Weave: Oxford

Learn more about canvas of Wikipedia.

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*Fabrics are mostly water and flame resistant, but sometimes water and flame proof depending on how long the fabric is exposed to those conditions*

Colors can vary from one dye lot to another. Bright and dark colors may bleed more, and is not recommended to mix them with white and/or light colors. No guarantee on light-fastness, rub fastness, or print-ability of the fabric. Buyer is requested to exercise sound judgement before making the right choice of fabric.

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