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Slipcover Fabric (duck)

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At Canvas Etc., we carry a unique and impressive selection of slipcover fabric (12 oz. canvas) for all of your needs. Our slipcover fabric is made with your budget in mind. It can work best for slipcover or upholstery projects, but is versatile for other applications. This fabric is made from 100% cotton, and is as durable as it is easy to work with!

Cotton duck cloth (or cotton duck canvas) was traditionally used for sail making, tents, and art. Today, cotton duck cloth has endless uses, and it is a DIY’er (do-it-yourselfer) lover’s fabric of choice. From canvas totes to laundry bags, this adaptable fabric can be used for almost any product or project you can think of!
Products Utilizing Slipcover Fabric
This fabric can be found in a number of products and used for different projects, including:

Slipcovers: They don’t call this the king fabric for slipcovering for nothing! This fabric can stretch and has the durability to outlast a variety of other, similar fabrics. It will protect and endure many elements for all of your covering needs! It’s great for indoor and outdoor furniture protection.
Stretched canvas: Our slipcover fabric can also double as a stretched canvas! If you’re an artist looking for a cost-effective canvas, look no further!
Aprons: Foodies and novices alike benefit from our slipcover fabric (12 oz. canvas) for various apron applications. This fabric can hold up against the messiest of meals and look good while doing it! It’s easy to work with and makes sewing custom aprons effortless.
Light Duty Bags: Stop juggling your items in your hands! Use our slipcover fabric to make a light duty bag that will leave your hands free and ready to take on the world!

Be sure to check out our selection of slipcover fabric (12 oz. canvas). If you have any questions, you can contact us for assistance.