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#8 Cotton Duck

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Canvas Etc. is a distinguished provider of #8 cotton duck canvas. Our cotton duck canvas variety is made from superior cotton fibers. The plied yarns utilized in our cotton duck canvas attribute to its high tensile and tear strength. The #8 cotton duck canvas combats against everyday wear and tear, which makes it ideal for fighting against harsh elements. This fabric is weaved to be brawny and sturdy, and it has many wonderful and practical uses.

Projects for #8  Cotton Duck Canvas

The #8 cotton duck canvas variation is used for many marvelous applications and products. Some fascinating uses for this fabric are:

  • Duffel Bags: Use our cotton duck canvas fabric to make a duffel bag. It’s a decision you won’t regret. This fabric withstands all the bumps and bangs of extensive traveling! Our cotton duck canvas can also be dyed to any color of your choice for personalization. Make your luggage stand out with this cotton duck fabric.
  • Bed Rolls: Sleep comfortably on this #8 cotton duck canvas! Make a bed roll for camping that supports you through all sorts of outdoor experiences.
  • Tents: Make a tent that stands against leaking and rough weather. Cotton duck canvas has a durable water repellent finish that leaves you feeling assured on your camping trips.
  • Awnings: Need some outdoor protection? Cotton duck canvas works wonders as an awning or awning replacement. Awnings help reduce sun and heat exposure, and our #8 cotton duck canvas variation shelters you from uncomfortable outdoor elements to leave you feeling great!

Looking for width variations? At Canvas Etc., we make sure to carry diverse width sizes (36″,48″,60″,72″, & 84″). Our #8 cotton duck canvas is also available in custom dye lots! Contact us today if you have any questions on how our #8 cotton duck canvas suits your every need.

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