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What is Cordura Fabric?


At Canvas Etc., we pride ourselves in knowing everything we can about our textiles. While there is always much to learn, there are standard basic indicators of what makes a fabric special. What is Cordura fabric? Since its creation in 1929, Cordura fabric has been utilized for a variety of applications. It is a synthetic (or sometimes a synthetic and cotton based blend) fabric that is strong and durable. It also has an interesting history, and its unique qualities make it a high caliber fabric for a multitude of projects. We carry cordura style nylon fabrics for all of your needs, in various colors and tensile strengths. Whatever your undertaking, we can match you with the best nylon product.

The Interesting History of Cordura Fabric

Cordura fabric has been used for various endeavors for over 70 years. Originally created by the company Dupont, the first uses of the high-tensile fabric were for the military. It was initially classified as a rayon style of fabric, however its biggest use in World War II was for tire material! It was later on classified as a nylon fabric, and after 1977, it was learned how to be dyed.

Dying the fabric brought a new level to it, allowing for the advancement of new products with this long-lasting fabric. The fabric lent itself to the creation of soft-sided luggage bags, and ended up taking over 40% of the bag market from that point forward. Now we can see Cordura fabric in our backpacks and luggage but also in jackets and tactical gear. This fabric has come a long way and has proven to be as versatile as its more natural counterparts.

Cordura Fabric Traits Explained

Cordura fabric was classified as a rayon fabric, as its traits were more defined, its classification was updated to a nylon fabric. These fabrics are built tough; it is a synthetic (man-made) material, therefore it has high tensile strength within its fabric fibers and can withstand a long term wear. It’s a highly abrasive resistant fabric, and in most cases extremely water repellent. Cordura comes in various fabric weights, which would be for different styles of applications and projects. The fabric itself has gone through many variations since its inception, and was traditionally made for military use. Over time, specific lines of the Cordura fabric have been made only for the military, and they have been made for extended outdoor use. Overall, Cordura fabrics can be used to stand the test of time and the elements with confidence.

What is Cordura Fabric? How It Stands Over Other Fabrics

Cordura is a complex and intricately made fabric. This fabric is used for many different things, including:

  • Work wear: Cordura stands tough where other fabrics struggle to hold up. If you work in strenuous environments such as construction or manual labor jobs, this nylon based fabric can last not only through a multiple amount of washings, but it can remain as durable as its first use time and time again.
  • Tents/Outdoor Shelters: Cordura style fabrics like our synthetic lightweight tent fabric, made of coated textured polyester, is water repellent and mildew resistant. Its breathability is used for liner applications in outdoor shelters including tents or yurts. It also comes in flame retardant varieties.
  • Jackets: Whether used in adventuring situations for backpacking/trailblazing, or if you need a jacket to keep you safe while riding on your motorcycle, Cordura style fabrics including our ballistic nylon fabric has amazing abrasive qualities and can keep you safe depending on the weight of the fabric.
  • Coverings: Our 1000 Denier Nylon, like Cordura fabric, is made with protection in mind. If you need a cover for your outdoor furniture or watercraft, its water repellent and mildew resistant properties can protect your outdoor products against all kinds of weather.
  • Bags: Cordura fabric is used in luggage applications since the late 1970s. Its durable style is built for a number of styles of bags. Whether the basic backpack for traveling or school, or duffel bags for sports gear and working out– whatever the load, this synthetic fabric can handle the baggage.

Regardless of the project or use, Cordura style fabric is long-lasting when used in everyday items. Going the route of a synthetic fabric such as the Cordura fabric will ensure that whatever the project, it will stand the test of time and all styles of extreme elements.

Where to Find Cordura Fabric

At Canvas Etc., we proudly carry a large variety of Cordura style fabrics. We also carry many denier nylon based fabrics for our commercial and crafting customers. Whatever the necessity for your current or future projects, we can help you find the optimal fabric.

At Canvas Etc., we ensure to always have the right textile for whatever your use! Contact us today if you have any questions or would like more information on any of our products.

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