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#6 Duck Canvas

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Canvas Etc. appreciates being your one stop shop for all your canvas needs! We pride ourselves in carrying incredible canvas varieties, one being our #6 duck canvas. This fabric is a rugged and highly strong. It can withstand everyday use, and it can also be used for various outdoor installations and applications due to its durability. Our #6 cotton duck canvas is made from coarser yarns than our #8 cotton duck canvas variation, making it heavier and stronger. Per the canvas numbering system, the smaller the number, the heavier the canvas and the coarser the yarn.

Projects for #6 Cotton Duck Canvas

The #6 cotton duck canvas variety can be used for many useful products. Some projects or applications for this amazing fabric are:

  • Floor Cloth: Make a statement with our cotton duck canvas. Not only will your floor cloth outlast normal store-bought mats, but you can also paint and personalize it to your liking! Our #6 cotton duck canvas can help keep your floor clean and look good while doing it.
  • Sling Chairs: Enjoy the great outdoors for years to come with our cotton duck canvas variation. With high tensile strength, this fabric can hold up against wear and tear. Keep up with your resting game with this sturdy fabric!
  • Baskets: Canvas baskets are a great investment in organizational endeavors. Keeping your home tidy is important, and using cotton duck canvas to make tough baskets is a smart and cost-effective way to keep your life uncluttered! These baskets can hold anything from toys to tools.
  • Belts: No one likes to keep pulling their pants up! Using this #6 canvas duck cloth for belting will help you keep your pants from falling and look great while doing it!

Looking for width variations? At Canvas Etc., we make sure to carry diverse width sizes (36″,60″, & 72″). Our #6 duck canvas is also available in custom dye lots! Contact us today if you have any questions on how our #6 duck canvas can suit your every need.

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