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Muslin Fabric

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At Canvas Etc., we carry an unparalleled selection of muslin fabric for all of your needs. Made from 100% natural cotton, our muslin is soft and easily dyed for any application. It is durable and inexpensive so it works well for a number of projects. Our muslin line is non flame retardant, however we can get you flameproof muslin fabric in wholesale quantities.

Muslin fabric was first encountered as early as the 9th century by European traders in Iraq! Muslin was such a sought out fabric, that even Marco Polo had a profile for it in his book, The Travels. Muslin gets its name from the town in Iraq where it was first discovered (Mosul). The fabric has had an interesting past and made its way throughout the world leaving quite the impact!

Products Utilizing Muslin

Muslin fabric can be found in a number of products and used for different projects, including:

  • Backdrops: The use of muslin fabric for backdrops is a game changer! This sturdy fabric can be easily painted and manipulated to create backdrops for theater applications or for portrait photography sessions.
  • Quilting: Muslin fabric is a staple for quilters! Used for things such as foundation piecing or quilt backing, our muslin is a cost effective fabric for all of your quilting needs.
  • Blankets: Our superior muslin can be used to keep you warm! Our NFR muslin is soft and supple, and it can be used for swaddling blankets for infants or for comfortable couch throw blankets!
  • Curtains: Muslin is up for any challenge, including drapery! Muslin is used for indoor or outdoor curtains to shade your favorite areas!

Be sure to check out our premium selection of muslin fabric. If you have any questions, you can contact us for assistance.