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#10 Cotton Duck

  • #10 duck canvas is considered a mid weight numbered duck
  • Used for Canoes, Kayaks, Floor Cloths, Place Mats, Canvas feed buckets, pottery canvas, Tool bags, tote bags, pouches, duffle bags, sand bags, archery targets, bed rolls, slings, tents, bed rolls, gun covers, Stretched Canvas, boxing ring mats and much more
  • #10 duck canvas is available in custom dye lots, call us at 404.514.7166
  • Various widths available:  36″,48″,60″,72″,84″,96″,120″
  • Numbered duck is made from plied yarns making it stronger than singled filled duck.  #10 cotton duck is made from coarser yarns than #12, making it heavier and stronger than #12 cotton duck.  In the numbering system the smaller the number the heavier the canvas, and coarser the yarn.
  • Plied yarns are not to be confused with 2 single yarns parallel.
  • #10 duck canvas is also different from 14.5 oz cotton canvas.  14.5 oz is usually considered a single filled duck made from single yarns.
  • Single filled ducks are weaker and feel softer than numbered duck canvas.
  • For more on duck canvas visit Wikipedia.


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