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#10 Cotton Duck

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At Canvas Etc., we care about the quality of our fabric. We proudly carry the finest cotton duck canvas for all needs and uses. Our #10 cotton duck canvas is strong and holds up against various situations. #10 cotton duck canvas is a versatile fabric that is made from plied yarns. This makes it stronger and denser than #12 cotton duck canvas. The yarns used in the #10 cotton duck canvas are coarser, which attributes to its durability. All in all, this cotton duck canvas works for many different projects and applications.

#10 Cotton Duck Projects

The #10 cotton duck canvas variety can be utilized for many incredible products! Some great uses for this fabric are:

  • Tool Bags: Tough as the nails you carry, this cotton duck canvas variation will stand tough. Your tools will stay safe and well-kept with a well-made tool bag made from #10 cotton duck canvas.
  • Floor Mats: Floor mats help eliminate the spread of more dirt from entering your home. Using cotton duck canvas ensures that your floor mats will not only support all that you leave on them, but will also be easily washable too!
  • Kayak/Canoe Skins: Our cotton duck canvas varieties are often water resistant and sometimes mildew resistant, and our cotton duck canvas is easily used for kayak or canoe skins. The #10 cotton duck canvas is stretchable and will withstand the elements!
  • Hammocks: What’s better than getting some rest and relaxation? Making a hammock with cotton duck canvas will provide certain sturdiness and reliability for all your lounging needs!

Looking for width variations? At Canvas Etc., we make sure to carry diverse width sizes (36″,48″,60″,72″,84″,96″, & 120″). Our #10 cotton duck canvas is also available in custom dye lots! Contact us today if you have any questions on how our cotton duck canvas can suit your every need.

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