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Duck Cloth-7 oz (Duck Canvas)

7 oz duck cloth is a lightweight, in-expensive single fill fabric can be used from making bags to replacing futon covers. 7 oz canvas is used for drapery backing, it’s slightly heavier than muslin. 7 oz cloth is also know as a utility fabric used in the upholstery industry. 7 oz fabric  is used as the outer shell of a bag, to lining inside costumes and even artist canvas. This A grade fabric is extremely clean with no seeds(kitty-black dots), AB grade has more of a natural cotton look with a few more seeds, and knots and has a rougher hand.  This fabric is woven in an oxford weave pattern (two up one down pattern).  It can be dyed or primed to be used as artist canvas.  7 oz is used in conjunction with other decor fabrics.  Natural fabric is used as a liner for curtains or futon and mattress liners.  Wedding decorators love the look and feel of the natural duck and it is used as chair covers and table linens.  We stock a good range of colors in this fabric.  Send us your custom fabric color and we can run a dye lot as well.

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