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7 oz Duck Cloth

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Our 7 oz. duck cloth is a lightweight, inexpensive single-fill fabric that can be used for various applications. Slightly heavier than muslin fabric, our 7 oz. duck cloth is a known utility based fabric used in the upholstery and drapery industry. This grade-A fabric is extremely clean with no seeds. Grade-AB fabrics have more of a natural cotton look with a few more seeds and knots built within the textile and has a rougher hand. This fabric is woven in an oxford weave pattern (two yarns up, one yarn down pattern). It’s built tough and it’s ready to last!

7 oz. Duck Cloth: A Versatile Fabric

There are many uses for our 7 oz. duck cloth, including:

Lining for bags/clothing: If you’re looking for a cost effective option to use when fixing or creating lining for bags and clothing, look no further! This 7 oz. duck cloth is light and durable, and can be used for various lining applications.

Decor: Using this featherweight fabric for a beautiful tablecloth or chair cover is an event planner’s dream! The 7 oz. duck cloth can be dyed any color to match all sorts of party themes!

Coverings: Need to breathe new life into your futon? Make a tough, yet soft covering for it from our cloth! This fabric can last and look good while doing it. Protect your chairs, mattresses, and more with this fabric!

Artist Canvas: Easily paintable, this cloth can be used as artist canvas! Paint your troubles away with this stretchable and useful fabric.

Our 7 oz. duck cloth is discountable based on the yardage needed! Contact us today if you have any questions on how our 7 oz. duck cloth can suit your every need.

Volume Discounts:

0-49 yards, list price

50-99 yards, 5% off list

100+ yards, 10% off list!

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