Wholesale cotton fabric and synthetic canvas

Wholesale cotton fabric and synthetic canvas at affordable prices!  Canvas Etc. offers the largest selection of cotton duck fabric at wholesale prices. Choose from lightweight canvas for craft projects to super heavy weight canvas for industrial bags and tarps. We offer cotton duck canvas in various widths, lengths and weights. Our natural duck fabrics range from 7 ounces per square yard to 30 ounces per square yard.  Our wholesale cotton fabric are priced well because we buy factory direct and pass the savings on to our customers. If you purchase any of our canvas fabrics in larger volumes you will automatically get a volume discount at checkout.  Wholesale cotton fabric and synthetic canvas discounts range from 5% to 10% depending on the quantity of fabric purchased.

Besides cotton duck canvas, we offer fabrics such as artist canvas, outdoor marine canvas, awning fabrics, dyed fabrics, tent fabrics, truck tarp vinyl and much more. We offer factory direct pricing on all our fabrics and also have volume discounts. Some of our canvas fabrics are UV resistant, Flame resistant, and water repellent.

We offer wholesale cotton fabric pricing to clients that are manufacturers and run custom dyed fabric lots as per customer’s needs. For any questions on our canvas fabric please email us or call us!

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Please visit our page- What is cotton duck cloth? to get detailed answers on various fabric related questions.  Below are some FAQ:

What is duck?

Duck is a strong, heavy fabric available in a variety of weights and qualities.  Its either a plain weave or basket weave fabric.

What is canvas?

Canvas is a heavy, strong, firm fabric similar to duck.  It’s usually made of cotton, synthetic or acrylic and is used in awnings, slipcovers, and boat covers.  It’s either plain or basket (oxford) weave and could have a soft or firm hand.

Pre primed artist canvas

We offer a a full array of pre primed artist canvas rolls.  From weights ranging from 7 oz/sq yd(pre primed weight) to 18 oz/sq yd(pre primed weight), you can find the right primed canvas for your project.  All of our pre primed canvas fabrics are double coated with an acid free, acrylic gesso.  All our primed canvas rolls are shipped on a cardboard tube to avoid creasing of the canvas.

Sunforger Canvas

Sunforger canvas used for tipis and tents. 100% cotton duck canvas which is breathable and strong.  Sunforger canvas is used outdoors for covers, shelters, tarps, tipis, yurts.  It is pre-shrunk, mildew resistant, rot resistant, UV resistant, flame resistant(optional).  All our sunforger canvas fabrics are A grade premium cotton duck cloth and sold by the yard or by the bolt.  Wholesale pricing available as well.

What are the basic weaves?

  • Basket weave-type of plain weave where two or more yarns travel together in the warp direction while 2 ore more yarns get inserted together in the fill direction (ballistic nylon).
  • Plain weave-a weave where 1 yarn travels in the warp direction while another yarn is inserted in the fill direction (Click these links for some of our wholesale cotton fabric products => army ducks, sunforger canvas, numbered duck).

What are greige (gray, grey) goods?

This is not to be confused with color.  In the textile industry(the weaving part), this describes unfinished, loom-state woven or knitted goods.  Please call us to inquire about wholesale cotton fabric prices.

What are different types of finishes?

  • Water repellent- a treatment that enables the fabric to repel water, but does not make it completely water proof.
  • Water proof- will resist leakage and wetting even under a heavy shower.
  • Mold and Mildew- a finish to prevent the growth of mold or fungus on cellulosic and protein based textiles.  Mold and mildew is also known to damage synthetic fibers.
  • Flame-retardant finish- textiles can me made flame resistant by using inherently flame resistant fibers, by adding flame resistant chemicals to the spinning solution when the fiber is made, or by applying a chemical to the fabric.  Flame retardant fabrics should be durable(able to withstand up to 50 washes), non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.  In most case the hand and texture of the fabric remain the same.
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