Outdoor Wedding Fabric Needs

Are you planning an outdoor wedding? There is one thing that you need to think about: wedding fabric. In this blog post, we’ll talk about your pipe and drape options as well as the right fabric for your special day. 

Why Wedding Décor Matters

Let’s face it, wedding décor is essential to pulling your wedding day together. It’s more than just about wedding photo backdrops and the wedding cake too; wedding décor helps create the mood for your wedding pictures. The wedding décor that you choose can also help establish a warm ambience and memorable experience for your guests.

Pipe & Drape for Your Outdoor Wedding

Here are three different pipe and drape kits that would make a great addition to any outdoor wedding:

Round Drape Canopy

Round Drape Support Canopy
Round Drape Support Canopy

Made from anodized aluminum, this round pipe and drape set fits any upright with standard slots. This kit requires four uprights in total. It’s heavy-duty and durable for your convenience and safety.

Our round drape canopy comes from the highly-popular Posh Academy and comes in four sizes: 6 ft., 8 ft., 10 ft., and 12 ft.

This canopy and the others on our list can be used as a ceremony location or chuppah, a photo booth, or a gift table! The possibilities are endless!

Square Pipe & Drape Kit

square canopy pipe and drape kit
Square Kit Draped Canvasetc Pipe and Drape

This square pipe and drape set offers a modern edge to your wedding ceremony! Made from quality aluminum, you can outfit this canopy with any number of embellishments. We sell valence hangers and clamps to create a double-drape system for elaborate dressing.

Like our round drape system,  this wedding pipe and drape kit can be used for many purposes: from your ceremonial space to a gift table.

Pair your wedding fabric with wedding lighting to enhance the look of any wedding venue!

Dome Pipe and Drape Kit

Pipe and Drape Dome Kits
Pipe and Drape Dome Kit

Function meets aesthetics with our dome pipe and drape kit canopy. Our dome wedding pipe and drape kits are made out of light-weight aluminum pipe and come in three sizes: 8ft., 10 ft. and 12 ft. 

This kit is easy to assemble, requiring very little effort for lots of reward. Party planners and DIY wedding couples will love this kit! So, transform your event space and create an unforgettable experience for your wedding guests with our pipe and drape kits and wedding fabric.

Wedding Fabric for Your Special Day

Poly Premiere White
Poly Premiere White

Okay, now let’s talk about the drape. On your pipe kits, you need fabric! Our premium wedding fabric includes poly premiere and voile. 

First, poly premier fabric is a 100% IFR polyester fabric with a soft hand and drape. It comes in multiple colors, including white wedding fabric, black fabric, red fabric and silver fabric. It can be used as drape, table clothes, auditorium panels, and so much more!

white sheer fabric

Second, voile is an IFR synthetic polyester fabric that gives your wedding event a stunning look with lots of light diffusion! This wedding material has some opacity and pairs well with velour and poly premiere fabric.

Besides weddings, it’s used for theater/stage curtains, masking, gala events, table tops, home theaters, and canopies.

Canvas ETC is Your Destination for Outdoor Wedding Fabrics

Canvas ETC wedding fabric makes your wedding event more glamorous and wonderful. We offer wedding fabric for drapes, table cloths,  chair covers, auditorium panels and much more! Canvas ETC has a huge range of affordable wedding fabrics that you can choose from. So if you have any wedding events coming up, be sure to check out our unbeatable selection.