Automatic Fabric Cutting Services

Automatic fabric cutting has incredible benefits for a multitude of industries and projects. Whether you’re looking to mass-produce an item or are using expensive or special material, automated cutting is your solution. At Canvas ETC, we’re excited to announce that we’ve added this capability to our services. Learn more about this cutting-edge technology and watch our video below to see the machine in action.

Saving You TIME

Manual cutting is extremely labor intensive. First, you manual spreading machine, followed by plotting your patterns. Then, you use an electric knife to carve out layers of fabric with this pattern. 

Digitization of patterns and then loading of patterns into the software not only saves a ton of time but takes away labor and grunt work. Taking labor away from this repetitive task allows you to add labor to the quality of sewing and quality control. This cost savings in labor allows the quality of a product to shine. Plus, this machine can make complex patterns like notches, holes, and other detailed designs which takes time if done manually. Saved time and labor saves money in the long run.

Not only are you able to draft complex patterns into your design, but you’re able to make the designs as efficient as possible. Using software to plot cuts leads to reduced waste. Again, less waste means bigger profits. Allow us to help you cut down on waste and improve your budget.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Fabric Cutting Service

Save Time

Using an automatic fabric cutting service provides you with multiple benefits. First, using an automatic fabric cutting service helps you to cut a lot of fabric quickly. What used to be a tedious process done by hand can now be completed using technology. Not only that, but this process can be completed to multiple layers of fabric at one time. This means you’ll be saving a lot of time on cutting.

Reduce Waste

Using an automatic service also helps to reduce waste. The whole process uses a computer to make precision cuts while also placing cuts in a way that minimizes waste. Advanced algorithms take into account the fabric size and maps out the most efficient use for that piece. Even the most skilled craftsmen could never match the efficiency of a CNC cutting service. 

Reduce Costs

The ability to make the same cut through multiple layers and the efficiency of using CNC technology add up to big savings for you. You will reduce costly waste material while getting finished pieces much faster that you could before. For expensive materials, this point is critical to reducing your margins. Inefficient cuts cost you money. 

Who Needs Automatic Fabric Cutting

Because of the range of materials automatic fabric cutting is used for, various industries benefit from its use. The kinds of materials we cut include:

  • Neoprene
  • Denim
  • Vinyl
  • Kevlar
  • Felt
  • Lace
  • Waxed and cotton canvas

This huge range of materials allows many industries to take advantage of automatic fabric cutting. From medical fields and the military to apparel and automotive, automatic fabric cutting is helping to make supplies faster and with reduced waste. Anyone who needs fabric cut in a repetitive pattern benefits from this incredible technology. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a great product and save money.

Canvas ETC is Your Source for Automatic Fabric Cutting

Let Canvas ETC be your source for automatic fabric cutting. Our fabric experts will work closely with you to supply fabric and design cut patterns that work for your project. Let us help you save money and streamline your operations with our automatic cutting machine service. Contact us today to learn more.