Square Canopy Pipe and Drape Kit


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  • Square Canopy Pipe and Drape Kit (Hardware Only)
  • Slip collar uprights (not versatop) included
  • Bases, pins(with screws), and drape supports included
  • Buy additional uprights, bases, and drape supports
  • Purchase valance hangers, or clamps to make a double drape system.
  • This is a hardware package only
  • High quality aluminum
  • Cannot be used with Versatop 2.0 systems
  • Perfect for canopies
  • Industrial grade components are built with durable and heavy duty material that can last a long time


Square Canopy Pipe and Drape Kit

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The material is industrial grade aluminum. Uprights and bases, however, are not included. See above for links to our uprights and bases. These supports are strong and durable – just what you need for your next event. 

Square Canopy Pipe and Drape Kit Uses

There are plenty of uses for the canopy. Here are some ways our customers use this pipe and drape setup:

  • Wedding Canopy or Chuppah: The versatile canopy can be used for a wedding area. Couples can take their vows under the well-decorated canopy or chuppah. Use different drape colors to add a pop of color, or add flowers and tiebacks to create a romantic scene.
  • Photo Booth: If you use all black drape, our canopy makes for a fun photo booth. Enclose the space completely or use tiebacks to create an entrance and space for the photographer to stand. 
  • Gift Table: Need an out-of-they-way place where guests can place gifts? A pipe and drape canopy is just what you need. This visually stunning gift space is great for weddings, baby showers, and birthdays.

The square canopy pipe and drape kit is a must-have for any event space. It’ll make your event more spectacular!

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