Father’s Day Fabric Must-Haves

It’s Father’s Day, and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for dad. Don’t fret! We have a variety of canvas items that make great gifts for dads who love the outdoors. From a waxed canvas bag to a tool bag, we have something for every type of dad. Check out our Father’s Day fabric must-haves below:

Waxed Canvas Father’s Day Fabric

father's day fabric diy canvas bag

Waxed canvas is a must-have for all dads. We love making this fabric into a bag! A rugged bag is perfect for a dad that loves to be outside. With plenty of pockets, he can store everything from his wallet and keys to his phone or sunglasses in the designated pocket places. Plus, with its padded shoulder straps and reinforced handles, this bag will stand up to commutes and travel.  This bag is even big enough to carry a small laptop or tablet if needed. You can always expand the bag size to carry more items, if needed.

Waxed canvas is naturally water resistant and protects its contents from the elements. Plus, it is thick enough to keep a phone and electronic devices safe in an outside environment and bad weather! 

DIY Apron from Cotton Canvas

father's day fabric diy apron

You can easily make an apron from cotton canvas. Here’s a simple tutorial:

  • Start by cutting a square of fabric. Fold it in half and sew the two sides together, leaving one long side unsewn. 
  • Fold over about an inch on each edge to create a hem-like effect that looks more professional.
  • Then, cut a long, thin strip of fabric and loop it around to create the ties.
  • Finally, sew on buttons at each end that will be used as closures for the apron’s straps (you can make them different if you want!). 
  • You are done with your waist-tie! Now repeat this process one more time–but now starting on the other side of the fabric so that it creates a loop.

A quick search online will reveal just how many different variations there are for aprons, but we think you should have an understanding of how simple this DIY apron is with this basic tutorial.

Tool Bag Made from Durable Canvas Duck

father's day fabric tools

You can make a tool bag or tool roll up with our durable canvas fabric. Canvas is ideal for keeping your dad’s tools safe and clean because canvas rocks!

Canvas is naturally water-resistant and it also dries quickly. This means that even if your dad is out in the rain or working on a car, his tools will stay dry! You can use this heavy canvas tote tutorial as your basis for a tool bag.

If your dad’s tools look more like art supplies, a pencil roll up may be more appropriate. You can check out a tutorial on this project here. With this roll-up, he can carry his artist or drafting tools with him wherever he goes!

Tent Fabrics and More

father's day fabric tent

Canvas is extremely versatile and can be used in many different projects. If your dad is a camper, he might want to consider getting some tent canvas for his next outing.

Canvas tents are strong and easy to set up which means that you don’t have to worry about pins or screws damaging the fabric. This is the ultimate Father’s Day fabric for any dad who is an outdoorsman. 

Father’s Day Fabric That Your Dad Will Love

Your dad will love our waxed canvas and cotton canvas products for all his outdoor needs. From tool bags to tents, there are infinite possibilities for creating the perfect gift for pops. 

Did you create something special for your dad this year? Share your project with us on social media!