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18 oz Vinyl Polyester Fabric | 61″- Black

$6.25 $5.63 / linear yard at 61" wide

Uses:  Outdoor Covers, Pool Bladders, Truck Tarps, Ground Cloth, Welding Curtains, Shelters, Yurts, Inflatables, Trash Tarps

Volume Discounts:  0-49 yards(list price), 50-99 yards(5% OFF), 100+ yards(10% off), 1000+ yards (call 404.514.7166)

Canvas is sold by the linear yard. 1 lin yard = 3 lin feet = 36 linear inches. When choosing a width, that is inches (12"= 1 foot). So if you put 1 in the quantity box, you are ordering 1 linear yard of the width chosen in the drop down box.

Volume Discounts

Quantity in yards ordered Discount Pricing is in Linear Yards
1-49 yds Listed Price
50-99 yds 5% of Listed Price Discount will automatically be applied to your cart
100+ yds 10% of Listed Price Discount will automatically be applied to your cart

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Yardage Disclosure


At, we try to ship exact yardage as the customer orders, but due to rolling machine calibration, and occasional user error we alert our customers to a +/- 5% tolerance in quantity ordered.


18 oz Vinyl Polyester Fabric – Black- 61″

Vinyl polyester is a flexible, heavy duty coated polyester with high tensile and tear strengths used for a number of indoor and outdoor applications. With strong UV resistance and heat sealing properties, you can make a number of outdoor tarps and covers.

As a result, use 18oz vinyl polyester fabric is good for:

  • Outdoor Covers
  • Pool Bladders
  • Truck Tarps
  • Ground Cloth
  • Welding Curtains
  • Shelters
  • Yurts
  • Inflatables
  • Trash Tarps
  • Much More

Features:  Waterproof, Mildew Resistant, Very Strong, Heavy Duty Fabric.

Weight: 18 oz/sq yd

Width(inches): 61

Content: Vinyl Coated Polyester Scrim

Coating:  PVC VINYL

Color: Black

Finish: UV, Waterproof, Mildew Resistant


Weave: N/A

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Learn more about polyesters on Wikipedia.

*Fabrics are mostly water and flame resistant, but sometimes water and flame proof depending on how long the fabric is exposed to those conditions*

Additional information

Weight 2.15 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in

linear yard at 61" wide