DIY Outdoor Cushions – Solution Dyed Awning Canvas & Polyester Thread


DIY Outdoor Cushions – Solution Dyed Awning Canvas & Polyester Thread


Solution Dyed Awning Canvas – DIY Outdoor Cushions

View our new video tutorial on how to create your own DIY Outdoor Cushions! These useful covers are water resistant and perfect for outdoor applications. Transform your dull or uncomfortable patio furniture into something you and guests can enjoy. The pattern is fairly easy to follow. For a list of items you’ll need to complete the project, read below.

What You Need to Make Your Own DIY Outdoor Cushions

Sewing your own DIY Outdoor Cushions are incredibly easy! Here’s what you need to complete the project:

Product List

Solution Dyed Awning Canvas

Bonded Polyester Thread

4 Inch High Density Foam

Other Supplies (to be purchased from your local craft store)

Rotary cutter




Marking pen

Extra Long Zipper



Benefits of Using Outdoor Cushions

Protect Your Furniture: These canvas cushions will cover your furniture while distributing the weight of the person seated. Some chairs have slats or large holes that can cause pressure points. Protect your furniture with outdoor cushions.

Beautify Your Yard: Turn a drab patio set into something more dynamic. These cushions look professionally made and are practical. Cushions were designed to fit most common chair sizes. The handle makes them easy to move – so you can take them with you to go!

Get Comfortable: Your guests will be enticed to sit on comfortable pads instead of hard wood, metal or plastic.

Bring to Sporting Events: These cushions also function as chair pads you can take with you to sporting events and picnics. Sit comfortably wherever you are with DIY Outdoor Cushions. The convenient handle allows you to carry it everywhere you go.

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