DIY Fireplace Cover – 600D Polyester & Webbing


DIY Fireplace Cover – 600D Polyester & Webbing


600D Polyester Sewing Tutorial – DIY iPad Case

View our new video tutorial on how to create your own DIY Fireplace Cover for outdoor use! This utilitarian fireplace cover is exactly what you need for your patio or deck. It features a water repellent polyester canvas that protects and preserves your fireplace. Sew this cover easily and with few materials.

What You Need to Make Your Own DIY Fireplace Cover

Sewing your own cover is easy to do! In less than one hour, you will complete this project using the following items:

Product List

Polyester Waterproof Canvas



Other Supplies (to be purchased from your local craft store)



Snippers (for threads)

Marking pen

Benefits of Using an Fireplace Cover

Prevent Rusting – This fireplace cover will help prevent rusting of metal structures. Rust can weaken joint points and the bottom of the pit. Within a year or two, a perfectly good fireplace can become damaged beyond repair. By taking steps to prevent rusting, you’ll be protecting your initial investment.

Protect During Winter – Winter months lead to heating and cooling of your fireplace as well as water exposure. Protect your fireplace with a cover that will keep it away from the elements. In the Spring, when you’re ready to use your fire pit again, it’ll look like new.

Beautify Your Yard – A fireplace filled with ash and scorched wood can look unsightly. When you aren’t using your fire pit, cover it with this DIY fireplace cover. It will make your patio or deck look more streamlined and tidy. In addition to looking better, you’ll also be protecting it from the elements.

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