Aluminum nose bridge Strip, Adhesive Backed Nose Clips for Masks


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Adhesive Backed Nose Clips for Masks

We sell this by the weight.  64 grams contains approximately 120 Pcs.  Free shipping is offered on this product.  This product ships from Auburn GA.

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Polypro Spunbond Nonwoven Material

.375 Inch Elastic Webbing by the Spool, .25 in Elastic Webbing & .5 Inch Elastic Webbing

Possible Substitutes for reusable garments:  70D Ripstop, 210 Denier

Muslin – Temporary outer shell (Suggestions, not certified)

Polar Fleece – possible inner lining (Suggestions, not certified)

Note:   ***All Sales Final***


Aluminum Nose Clips for Masks (Adjustable, Adhesive Backed)

Whether you’re making your own personal protective equipment (PPE) or are looking to improve a store-bought mask, we carry adhesive backed aluminum nose clips for masks to enhance your mask fit. Just place this strip on the bridge of the mask where it fits over your nose, and now you can shape the mask to fit you properly.

Product Code- NCB

Basis Weight- .5 Gram/Piece


Material:  Aluminum

Adhesive Backed Clips for Masks

Our aluminum nose clips attach easily to your homemade or store-bought mask. Simply remove the paper backing to expose the adhesive. Then, attach it to the outside of your mask. Put the mask on and adjust it accordingly. The lightweight aluminum barely adds any weight. Therefore you won’t feel encumbered. Also, these nose clips come in packs of about 120 pieces, so you’ll have plenty for your household or to share.

Adjusting Your Mask

Many of us don’t wear masks in our daily lives. Now, protective face masks are mandatory in many states. The biggest thing to remember is fitting your mask correctly. While nose clips help you do this, there are some other ways to ensure a good fit. Here are some things to remember:

  • Your face mask needs to cover your nose AND your mouth.
  • The mask should fit comfortably on top of the bridge of your nose.
  • While you don’t need to cover your chin, it adds a better seal over the mouth.
  • The mask should fit tightly enough to prevent it from moving but not enough to hinder your breathing.

Canvas ETC: Your Source for Mask Materials

Making your own PPE is a challenge. That’s why you need the best materials available today. We have a variety of products for people who are making their masks, including polypro spun-bond nonwoven material, elastic webbing, muslin, and polar fleece. We also carry KN95 masks for people who don’t feel comfortable making their own. 


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