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Primed Painters Canvas

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The base fabric of our painters canvas is made up of A grade cotton duck fabrics. Primed canvas is available in 7 oz, 10 oz, #12 and #8 cotton duck. Canvas should be purchased slightly wider or longer than the desired size (due to slight residual shrinking).

Please keep in mind all our primed canvas fabrics won’t be primed to edge (width wise). There will always be a section along the edge of the fabric is unprimed.  Priming adds roughly 3 ounces per square yard the weight of the fabric.

Painter’s Canvas for Artists

A 10 oz painters canvas is a 10 oz single filled duck canvas that has been primed and now weighs roughly 13 oz/sq. yd.  Therefore, all our painters canvas except #8 cotton duck is used for stretching, but the most popular ones would be the 7 oz and the 10 oz canvas.

To clarify, #12 and #10 artist canvas are used for murals and backdrops. They are sturdier and more durable and can be taken down, rolled up, and transported to a new location. #8 duck artist canvas is primarily used for floorcloths, table mats, and runners.

Artist Canvas Rolls from Canvas ETC

Shipping on our pre primed canvas is slightly higher if 4 yards or less is purchased a t time (see quantity discounts below).  Painting canvas usually has various textures and surfaces depending on the amount of gesso applied to the fabric.

Markedly, the lighter weight 7 oz and 10 canvas usually has a rougher texture when compared to the #12, #10 and #8 duck fabrics. We can also slit your pre primed canvas into custom widths for art and craft projects (custom squares etc).

Pre slit primed canvas has been used to manufacture canvas boards. Generally, once the fabric has been slit to width, our customers cut it to length and glue it to the boards. Overall, our primed canvas can be used with acrylics, watercolor and oil paints.

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Volume Discounts:

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5-9 yards, 15% off list

10+ yards, 30% off list!

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