7 oz Primed Canvas | 60″ Width

$7.80 / Lin Yd (60"Wx3FTL)

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Uses for this canvas include: General painting, stretcher bars, murals.

Volume Price: 1-4 Yards List price, 5-9 yards 15% OFF, 10 Yards 30% OFF.


7 ounces per square yard primed canvas painting rolls is a medium weight fabric with a smooth texture suitable for paintings and murals, and is primed with a double coating of acrylic gesso. It is single filled duck/canvas with 104 threads/square inch. Comparable to Masterpiece Yosemite 10 ounce Cotton Canvas.

For hundreds of years, artists have utilized canvas to express their creativity, and to this day canvas remains the preferred painting surface for novice beginners new to canvas painting and masters alike, especially for acrylic painting.

Canvas is an extremely versatile painting surface, and comes in a variety of widths, sizes and weights to suit every need and every budget. Canvas for painting is very flexible and can be used for everything from tiny paintings to large, expansive works. However, the two main reasons why canvas is such a popular surface among painters is due to how great it feels under the brush, as well as its obvious durability and longevity. It’s lighter weight as compared to traditional wood surfaces makes it significantly easier to transport, and which is why its popularity grew so quickly so long ago!

The texture of canvas is due to its construction from natural fibers that are woven together, producing a different fell based on how finely it is woven. Aside from texture, the weight of the canvas should be considered. Measured in ounces per yard, the canvas’ weight is determined by the density of the thread. The higher the density (weight), the higher the quality of the canvas.

We sell this Artist Canvas by the yard or by the bolt. One can easily create their own stretched canvas, canvas panels, canvas pads from our primed canvas rolls! Click on fabric discounts above to see Wholesale Pricing on our canvas.

Primed Canvas Painting Rolls/ Artist Canvas Uses:

  • Floorcloths
  • General painting
  • Stretched canvas
  • Heavy Duty Paintings
  • Murals
  • Wall murals
  • Painting Canvas
  • Canvas Painting
  • Painters canvas drop cloth
  • Artist canvas
  • Much More!

Primed Canvas Painting Rolls Features:

Weight: 7 ounces per square yard (pre-primed)

Width (inches): 60

Content: 100% Cotton

Coating: Double coated, acrylic based primed (acid free)

Finish: Gesso

Yarn: Single Ply yarns

Weave: Oxford (basket)

Learn more about canvas fabric on Wikipedia.

If you are requiring a larger width of fabric roll, you may wish to explore the 7 ounce primed canvas roll that is 72″ in width.

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