Navy Blue Fabric

Navy Blue Fabric

Navy blue is a deep, dark blue color that’s almost black. Some shades of navy blue are slightly more on the bluer scale. One of the earliest utilities of navy blue fabric were in the uniforms of the British Royal Navy – hence the name Navy Blue. Navy blue is a widely popular cool color with such diversity. It is even used as a neutral color in graphic designs, and is commonplace amongst nautical designs and coastal décor.

Navy conveys confidence, power, importance, authority, as well as intelligence, conservatism, stability, and unity. Similar to black, Navy carries a sense of sophistication and elegance. It’s associated with the military and the police.

Navy is a timeless color, and a stalwart to interior design. As a sophisticated replacement for black, it is often used in web design and print media. Navy blue is also widely popular due to the fact that it is a gender-neutral color and fits in everywhere. Its understated elegance never calls attention to itself.

At, we stock a massive inventory of navy blue fabric in our Georgia, USA-based warehouse. This stocked inventory of navy blue fabric in a wide-range of  fabric types offers each type its own technical specifications and characteristics that are specific to the end-product in which it is being utilized to create. And best of all for our many individual customers and businesses alike, is that we offer blue fabric by the cut yard, or by the full roll – whatever you need for your current and ongoing projects, we have stocked for you!

Here are a few of the different navy blue fabric types that are consistently used in the production of various items:

Navy Blue Fabric – Banjo cloth:

IFR Banjo Cloth Navy Blue
IFR Banjo Cloth Navy Blue Fabric

Banjo cloth is a light weight, synthetic polyester IFR fabric. Easily clean and launder this fabric in a conventional washing machine. The textured polyester is the ideal fabric for pipe and drape systems. Used primarily for exhibition and trade show booths, the IFR (inherently flame retardant) yarn makes the fabric durable and can be laundered multiple times.

Common uses for this exceptional banjo navy blue fabric material include banjo cloth drapes, theater curtains, stage curtains, and masking, events and upscale galas, tall skirts, home theaters and much more!

Navy Blue Fabric – 70D Ripstop:

70 Denier Nylon Navy Blue
70 Denier Nylon Navy Blue

Lightweight 70 denier nylon Ripstop is ideal for manufacturing windbreakers, rain jackets, ponchos, flags, banners, liners, and even light use equipment covers. Manufacturers coat one side with polyurethane, and this makes the material very easy to work with. Indeed, 70 denier Ripstop has very high water repellent and water proof ratings. Easy to sew, seam and fold, this is an extremely versatile fabric that can be utilized to make many different end products and finished goods!

Navy Blue Fabric – 10 ounce Cotton Duck Canvas:

Dark Navy 10 ounce cotton duck
Dark Navy 10 ounce cotton duck

10 oz duck cloth canvas fabric in navy blue is a medium weight cotton that is used for many different end products. From slipcovers, screen printed totes, coin bags, cornhole bags and many more applications, 10 oz duck cloth is the most versatile fabric in the market.

Canvas fabric is a staple textile used in limitless applications and end-products. Cotton duck canvas has a rich history that extends well into ancient times. From nautical uses like sails to convenient, eco-friendly tote bags, canvas fabric finds its way into all day-to-day uses.

Duck cloth canvas fabric is a popular fabric that is versatile and cost effective. If you’re looking for a durable, well rounded textile, canvas works best for any sort of use.

Navy Blue Fabric – #8/ 18 ounce per square yard Cotton Duck Canvas:

#8 Cotton Duck Navy
#8 Cotton Duck Navy

#8 navy blue duck cloth (58″ Width) is an 18 ounce per square yard duck cloth that is finished with a durable water repellent finish. It is a high quality fabric material that is used in a variety of commercial and military applications. Some of the uses for this 18 ounce duck cloth include Floor Cloths, Place Mats, Tool bags, tote bags, pouches, duffle bags, sand bags, archery targets, bed rolls, slings, Tents, gun covers, filter bags, boxing ring mats and much more!

These 4 uniquely different types of dark blue fabric offer so much based on their unique properties and technical specifications! From being a go-to navy blue upholstery fabric, to being the ideal dark navy fabric for the creation of backpacks and tote bags, our navy blue fabric is wide-ranging with the broadest selection! Additionally, our navy blue material is of the absolute and utmost highest quality, and is always available by the yard or by the bolt, and to meet any demand. With no minimum order requirements, consider our blue fabric for your next project!