Must-Have Springtime Fabrics for All Your Sewing Needs

We love prints for any season! But spring is the time to bust out your colorful this spring, take your wardrobe and home decor into the warmer season with springtime fabrics! We’re talking about lighter-weight materials that support your comfort. We’re also looking at cute prints that scream “spring!” Here are our top 4 must-have spring fabrics for your sewing needs.


Easy-to-source, breathable, and one of the easiest fabrics to sew with is cotton. Whether you’re a beginner sewer or a seasoned pro, cotton is one of the best materials out there. Here are the two main benefits of cotton:

It breathes: Cotton doesn’t trap warm, moist air. Instead, it wicks away moisture. The material dries quickly, leaving the wearer comfortable.
It’s lightweight: Cotton is a lightweight material. It’s perfect for clothing, bedding, decor, and many other applications. We really love cotton for dressmaking too.

The only thing to watch for with cotton is that it wrinkles. So have a steamer or iron handy!

Fun Prints

Bright prints are less-suited for winter. However, bright colors and prints are welcomed during the springtime! We’re talking bright yellows, blues, nautical themes, and more. Check out these sweet designs from JWylie Designs and Katja Ollendorff Designs. Their designs can be printed on nearly any fabric, such as poplin, satin, and canvas with the help of our custom fabric printing services. Want to print your own pattern? We can do that too!


Like cotton, linen’s natural fibers make it one of the ideal springtime fabrics. In general, linen is even cooler and more breathable than cotton because the thread count is lower. This loose weave allows air to pass through it, and it has been used by humans for over 4,000 years! It is still a wonderful fabric and it makes our top 4 springtime fabrics list.
Here are some linen sewing tips from the fine folks over at

  • Preshrink your linen before sewing
  • Beginners should stick to light to medium weight linens
  • Use non-wax chalk or pencils on linen
  • Sew with good-quality threads (like cotton or cotton-wrapped polyester)

Tropical Weight Wool

While wool sounds like a winter fabric (and it is), it also makes for a great spring fabric. Why? Lighter-weight wools (around 10 to 12 oz and as low as 6oz) are lighter and meant for warmer climates. What you’ll sometimes see is the lightweight wool suit used during the spring and summer months. Wool drapes really nicely and flatters the figure of the wearer. Generally, wool doesn’t wrinkle much — unlike cotton and linen.

Over time, wool can try out and the material may develop an unseemly sheen. So, be sure to care for your wool properly. However, wool is notoriously durable; there isn’t much you can do to damage it otherwise.

Come to Canvas ETC for Your Springtime Fabrics
At Canvas ETC, we carry a variety of materials appropriate for your springtime fabric needs. Whatever your project, we will work with you to find the right material to make it a success!

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