Mother’s Day Fabric Crafts: Sewing and Children-Friendly Ideas

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and you want to celebrate with a DIY project. Craft projects are perfect gifts for mom because they involve fabric and only require a little bit of your time. We have rounded up some of our favorite Mother’s Day fabric crafts that will make any mom happy.

1. Make a Fabric Flower Bouquet

Fabric Art DIY

This project is a nice way to use up scrap fabric while making something special for mom. 

  • Check out this tutorial from Fabric Art DIY.
  • Take this project to the next level by decorating your flowers with paint, fabric markers or embroidery floss for a creative look.
  • The flowers will last forever because they are made from fabric!

Expert Tip: Fabric is an economical way to make beautiful homemade gifts that you can enjoy every year.

2. Create a Fabric Wreath to Hang on Your Front Door

Image: Cottage at the Crossroads

Fabric wreaths are an easy way to update the look of your front door.

To make one, you will need a circular wreath form and fabric strips cut into 12 inch wide strips. Then, tie the strips around the form to create a fun design. You can use scrap fabric, old t-shirts, or any spare fabric you have laying around.

This is an easy project that you can finish in about two hours with little sewing experience!

3. Sew a Personalized Blanket for Mom

Sewing a personalized blanket is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts that you can make. These can be made by children using the tying method with a microfleece fabric. Or, if you’re a more advanced sewer, you can create a lap quilt that mom can use to keep herself warm while reading or watching her favorite TV shows.

4. Sew an Embroidered Pillowcase or Kitchen Towel with Her Favorite Quote or Saying On It 

Image: Kirstin Esser

Celebrate this special day by gifting mom an embroidered pillowcase or tea towel that says “I love you, Mom.” This is a simple and easy craft that can be completed in less than an hour.

You can sew the letters onto a plain pillowcase or use stencils to paint them on fabric. The latter is much easier for children and will create an adorable gift!

5. Sew Matching Napkins and Placemats for the Family Table

Image: Lia Griffith

Although you can buy fabric napkins at the store, sewing your own is an opportunity to get creative. This gift will also last for a long time and be cherished by mom as she uses it every day! All you need to make these Mother’s Day fabric crafts is find a nice fabric. For placemats, you’ll want something more sturdy that can hold up to washing. And napkins should be made of lighter-weight materials that are naturally absorbent like cotton. Linen napkins will take the table-scape to the next level, and your mom will appreciate the attention to detail!

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