Everything You Need to Know About NoSeeUm Netting

Everything You Need to Know About NoSeeUm Netting

Noseeums are the worst! Enjoying the great outdoors comes with its own set of possibilities! While camping or hanging out in parks is a fun way to spend the time, it can also be slightly risky. Some may think that the biggest risk associated with being outdoors are the creatures you may meet along the way, however our greatest threat is from the tiniest of bugs– the mosquito, and the noseeum bane to outdoor leisure pursuits!

The Dreaded Noseeumj

Luckily, Canvas Etc. offers a great solution against these pesky insects. Noseeum netting fabric helps you stay bite-free and out of harm’s way.

What is NoSeeUm Netting?

Noseeum netting is a mesh net fabric that is intended to keep vexing bugs out of your area. This fabric is made with varying materials like nylon and polyester. Traditionally using strong, synthetic materials will keep the noseeum netting good as new for many uses and applications.

Noseeum netting is also commonly used for mosquito netting. This mesh fabric has been used for centuries! It’s dated back as early as the 18th century, but some ancient texts indicate that it was being used in India far before the 18th century. It’s also said that Cleopatra herself slept under mosquito netting during Egyptian times. This would make sense, considering the outbreaks of malaria that existed during her time.

Why is it called “NoSeeUm”?

There are two wonderfully good reasons for the clever name behind the useful fabric. For one, when used, you’re meant to no longer see any of the bugs that disturb you behind the netting itself. For example, Canvas Etc carries black noseeum fabric whose holes are so tiny, they cover 1054 holes per square inch! There are virtually no bothersome insects that can make it through that!

Finally, the other reason this fabric is called “NoSeeUm” pays homage to another little insect that causes a fair amount of agitation while outdoors: sandflies! Sandflies are also known as noseeums. They are tiny in size, but pack an agitating bite when they land on you. Most noseeum netting was created with the purpose of keeping those little buggers out!

NoSeeUm Projects

While no see um netting is ideal for things like mosquito netting, it has an endless amount of variable uses, like:

  • Outdoor Drapes: Keep your patio or porch bug free while looking beautiful! This fabric can be fashioned into durable and long lasting drapes that will make a statement.
  • Headgear and head masks: drape over and around your head to protect your neck and face!
  • Strainer: Get crafty with this no see um netting and put it to good use when straining. No see um netting has been used to strain pulp when making paper! 
  • Bed Canopy: While no see um netting has been used for outdoor beds, they can be used indoor as well. Make a canopy that adds an extra layer of breathable protection while you catch your z’s.
  • Gardening: Looking for something to protect your plants or aerate your soil? No see um netting can work miracles in your garden. Get your inventive juices flowing and your plants growing.

Ready to start shopping for noseeum? Feel free to read more about this versatile fabric on Wikipedia.  Check out this wonderful resource for tips on repelling mosquitoes:  Tips Bulletin