Best Canvas Projects For Spring 2022

We know it’s still winter, but we’re already looking forward to Spring because it’s a great time to whip up some new projects. And since we’ll just say that Spring is around the corner (the first day of Spring is March 20th), we’ve put together a list of the best canvas projects for Spring 2022 for all our DIYers out there. These canvas projects can help you create robust and long-lasting objects for your house. Canvas is a great fabric to work with as it comes in solid colors and beautiful prints and can be used in various ways. These are fantastic projects for the home and homemade gifts! Find a project that interests you can then visit our shop to order your canvas fabric.

Easy DIY Canvas Wall Art For Kids

Family craft time is probably one of the most enjoyable things you can do together. It allows you to be created, let loose, make mistakes and come up with some pretty cool artwork. For this DIY Canvas project, you can use a 5″x5″ “mini” canvas. If you can’t find these “mini” canvases, larger ones are great too.

Ideas for your canvas art designs are painting (or coloring) designs, landscapes, or animals. For smaller children, you can always just let them finger paint whatever they like. Those types of projects always turn out awesome because they are totally wild and uninhibited.

But an even more spectacular idea is to simply paint the entire canvas one color and then take some plastic animals, cut them in half (around mid-body), and then super clue half the body to the canvas. It turns out really cute and can easily become new decor in their rooms. We believe this would work with other plastic toys as well, maybe plastic cars, dinosaurs, soldier toys, etc.

Absolutely, one of the Best Canvas Projects For Spring 2022!

Children painting on Canvases outside under a tree
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Decorative Footrest Floor Pouf Or Footrest

What a fun project! We know you all live life on the go, busy, busy, busy all the time. So, it’s no wonder when you get home; you’re exhausted. Wouldn’t you love to be able just to sit back, relax and put your feet up? Well, now you can! Simply select a beautiful canvas fabric and make yourself a footrest floor pouf. And if you can’t find the perfect pattern or color, don’t worry. Our Fabric Printing On Demand can take a high-quality image from you and transfer the design onto the canvas. 

DIY foot rest or floor pouf with canvas

Pillow Covers

Spring is always a great time to infuse your home with new decor. And an easy way to do it is by making new pillow covers. Like the floor pouf (isn’t that a fun word – pouf?), new pillow covers can be made with canvas and can be a solid color or fun and decorative print. It’s a great way to add some fresh style to your home. 

Make your own boho canvas pillow coverings

Tote Bags

You can never have too many tote bags, right? You can use them when grocery shopping, pool days, for your gym gear, carrying lunch to work, carrying your laptop, weekend excursions. There are so many ways to use a tote bag. So, how about making some to give to your friends as gifts? There is no doubt that we all need to do our part in helping to save our planet, so making custom tote bags for your friends and family to use when grocery shopping is a great start. 

Canvas Storage Totes DIY

DIYers Best Canvas Projects For Spring 2022

Have fun with it! Maybe you could add their name on the canvas tote, or pictures of veggies, their monogram, or perhaps a cute slogan or saying. Spring’s an excellent time for gift-giving, and who doesn’t love getting thoughtful and handmade gifts? Ready to find the perfect canvas for your project? Let’s shop!

Cornhole Bags

Who doesn’t love this game? It’s so easy to play; anyone can do it! Time to upgrade your Cornhole bags to something a little more festive, or maybe just your favorite color. Because it’s robust and comfortable, 10 oz, Cotton duck canvas is the best material. In addition, these bags are simple to make, and they don’t require industrial equipment. So, if you want to make your own high-quality cornhole bags, you’ve come to the correct place. We have the right material and the most extensive selection of colors. For sure, our 10-ounce cotton duck fabric is perfect for constructing regulation cornhole bags!

Cornhole Play
Cornhole Play


Ready to add some style and personality to your furniture? Spring is a great time to do it! Who says you have to spend tons of money on new furniture? Just make some slipcovers, and voila, instantly transform your furniture. The #12 cotton duck is a perfect canvas for slipcover projects. This fabric is denser and stiffer than 2 ounce weighted cloth, resulting in a durable, heavy-duty slipcover for high activity areas. This fabric is made entirely of cotton and is sturdy and easy to work with!

Creative Springtime Projects Using Canvas


We know things can get a little messy in the kitchen, so another excellent canvas project for Spring 2022 is to make an apron. Again, you can do this project with the kids and get them motivated to start helping out in the kitchen. Aprons don’t need a lot of fabric and are easy to make, so they’re a great Springtime project for beginners. And if you’re kids are going to help in the kitchen, they’ll definitely need these. 

duck canvas duck cloth canvas etc apron

Canvas Crafts For Fido

We all love our furry friends just as much as the rest of the family, so we want them to be comfortable. So instead of buying a ready-made dog bed, how about you make one? Or create a stylish canvas placemat to keep their eating and drinking area clean and tidy.

Creating and designing a dog bed for your fur baby means you can customize the size to fit perfectly. Canvas is an excellent material to use for making a dog bed as it is durable and will stand up to everyday use. Not to mention, most canvases can be easily wiped clean. 


Wall Art

For those of you that have an artistic side, an incredible Spring 2022 project is too great a beautiful work of art for your wall. Simply order your canvas fabric, decide on your art design, and get started. It’ll become a wonderful keepsake and conversation starter. We love the idea of creating faux marble wall art. It looks classy, expensive, and beautiful. You can find lots of ideas on YouTube.  

Paper punch glued to wall canvas
Paper punch glued to wall canvas

Canvas Shoes

Do you love Converse sneakers but wish you could have them with a custom print? You can! Simply make the shoes yourself. We would have never thought of making our own shoes, but with the right canvas fabric, some grommets, and a few other items. Genius! You can have a one-of-a-kind sneaker.

DIY custom canvas shoes

The first day of Spring is March 20th, so now is the time to get your project calendar designed, order all of your materials and get ready to craft your heart out. These canvas projects for Spring are fun to do alone but even better when done with someone else. So wouldn’t it be great to get your closest friends together and make canvas wall art? Maybe a few glasses of wine, dinner, and a DIY art session. Sounds pretty cool to us. And don’t forget Canvas ETC has the most extensive selection of canvas fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns for all of your Springtime projects. We hope you love these best canvas projects for spring 2022. Stay tuned for more ideas