Best Canvas Projects for Spring 2020

Spring is the time to get your home in order and to look ahead to projects that beautify your home. For 2020, we’re listing the best canvas projects for spring 2020 for our customers.

Tents, Teepees, and Yurts

For inside or outside, tents, teepees, and yurts are a fun way to create an oasis – a space for relaxation and reflection. In addition to that, kids love them! Canvas tents treated with specific products can repel water and protect from the elements. So, if you want to create a semi-permanent structure in your yard, this is possible with canvas. 

Once you’ve created your personal space, add embellishments! You can paint the canvas or leave it plain for a classic neutral look. Then, fill it with your favorite pillows, rugs, and plush accessories. Now you have a cozy space you’ll never want to leave. Our customers use their tent areas for glamping, reading, or play.

Yurts take camping to the next level. Nomadic tribes in Central Asia used traditional yurts. They were made to be portable so they could carry them as they traveled. Yurts are ancient structures that were first recorded by the Greek historian Herodotus. You can recreate this impressive shelter in your yard or for your next camping trip with a little research and a few materials, including wood or bamboo. The structure can be any size you want it to be and one of the best canvas projects for spring 2020.

Teepee canvas projects spring 2020

Canvas Privacy Screen

Do you have a fence with no yard or patio that could use some privacy? How about creating a canvas privacy screen. A privacy screen affords you all the benefits of not being seen without keeping out nature or the elements. Your privacy screen could be as simple as mounting grommets on your canvas and stretching it with bungees or rope to pull it taught wherever you need it, or you can frame it and secure it, so it stands all spring and summer for the ultimate privacy.

Upholster Your Outdoor Chair Covers & Pillows

Refresh your outdoor furniture by reupholstering your chair and pillow covers. Over the years, cushion covers become dirty and possibly filled with mildew. If you want your patio furniture to look brand new, use canvas to create new covers! And add pillows to add dimension to the space. Decorate pillows with paint and a fabric stamp, or you can use iron-on letters to customize. 

Make Matching Tote Bags for Shopping

You can sew your tote bags or buy some ready-made for a matching set of shopping bags! Decorate them with paint, fabric markers, or that pile of patches you’ve been collecting over the years. Tote bags come in different sizes and shapes, no matter what your needs are. From groceries to toting art supplies, canvas bags are incredibly useful. Here are some other uses for tote bags:


  • Home storage
  • Beach
  • Picnics
  • Travel
  • Purses
  • School 
  • Work 
  • Trick-or-treating

Painted Canvas Rug

A rectangular piece of fabric, along with some trim for the edges, makes for a durable indoor or outdoor rug. They are perfect for any part of your home or your patio. With painted fabric, you add a pop of color to parts of your home. What’s great is you can make your rug look any way you want. Paint patterns, keep it neutral, or add splashes of color for a one-of-a-kind look and feel. What’s nice about canvas is that it’s durable enough to be a rug, but it’s easy to clean when needed. 

Make Your Spring Projects Shine with a Little Help from Canvas ETC

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