Stunning Event Backdrops: 3 Ways to Set Off Your End of Summer Events

Choosing the right backdrop and setup can be the difference between a prep that makes your event stand out in the minds of your attendees and one that leaves something to be desired. At Canvas ETC, we always want your events to be memorable, beautiful, and just the way you want them. As a result, we’re breaking down some of the ways you can use our unbeatable products to replicate any setup or backdrop for any occasion you can imagine.

Whether you’re looking to make a birthday party pop with just the right backdrop for photo ops or add that indelible flair of elegance to a wedding, anniversary, or business mixer that will have everyone talking about your event weeks, months, and years after it’s over, these ideas should get your creative mind moving. What you envision, you can create. Let’s take a look at three ways to make it happen.

Make This Backdrop with a Posh Mobile Pipe and Drape Kit


The perfect background won’t steal any thunder from the fore, but your guests would miss it if it wasn’t there. That’s the kind of elegance and subtlety you can achieve with the easy to set up and take down Posh Mobile Pipe and Drape Kit. The adjustable upright crossbar is made with high-grade aluminum, which makes it light to carry and easy to move.

Backdrops are ideal for any corporate event, gala, wedding, trade show, or any situation where a little style will go a long way. You can also use this versatile kit as a decorative element, a room divider, or even to set up a green screen (if video editing is your hobby or career). This kit is industrial grade; it is a durable material and heavy-duty construction will last and last.

While this mobile kit will cover a 10′ wall quickly and efficiently, the best part is how easily it breaks down into manageable dimensions. For those of us who’ve ever tried to transport long poles in a small vehicle with hazards poking out the window, or had to pay extra ground shipping costs at the airport, this kit is the solution.

Make This Setup with a Square Canopy Pipe and Drape Kit


Ever wanted to make the perfect canopy and drape it with the fabric of your imagination? Our Square Canopy Pipe and Drape Kit is your palate and your foundation. As with all our kits, this kit is made of industrial-grade, high-quality aluminum and designed for ease of transport, assembly, and takedown.

Do you need to build a beautiful chuppah, or construct a lovely wedding canopy for a priceless photo?  The versatile canopy can be used for all that and more. Play with your color schemes to get everything just right; weave in your carefully chosen florals, and throw in some tasteful tiebacks to paint your vision of romance.

Thinking of erecting a photo booth at your next party? We have just the kit for you! Use this kit with blackout curtains, and you’re ready to go. You can choose to completely enclose the photo area or use a few handy tiebacks to give the photographer somewhere to stand.

You can also use this kit to build a discreet gift table for your next birthday, graduation, or nuptial celebration. Build a ticket booth for your next school or church theatrical production, or even partition a room in that haunted house you’ve always wanted to build for Halloween!

Make This Setup with Our Pipe and Drape Dome Kit

Download image to see the backdrop

Domes are pleasing to the eye and practical. Think of a dome canopy as an alternative to a regular, rectangular canopy—it has many of the same uses but offers a different look that might be more appropriate to your event décor scheme.

Our Pipe and Drape Dome Kits can be employed in almost any event setting—including, but not limited to, retail events, trade shows, weddings, theatrical presentations, in auditoriums, or anywhere you want to create a special moment.

As with all our kits, this kit can be carried and transported easily. If you’re a professional party planner, this kit makes transforming your clients’ space a snap (the kit can easily be assembled by one person—we recommend practicing setup and takedown once or twice if you’ve never done it before).

Canvas ETC: Your Backdrop, Setup, and Event Connection

At Canvas ETC, we take your events every bit as seriously as you do. The reason for that is simple: when you look good, we look good. As a result, we’re constantly innovating, researching, and refining what we do to ensure we always have the backdrops and setups you need to enact your perfect vision.

If you need it, we have it. If you can imagine it, we can help make it happen.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of dedicated professionals any time you need the advice to help you source, choose, and assemble your ideal backdrop or setup. And if you’re in the Atlanta area, give our friends at Posh Academy a try for your next event!