Back to School DIY: 5 Crafts to Spark Your Imagination

With most classes resuming in just a week or two, we thought you’d enjoy this handy back to school DIY to give you some ideas you can easily execute side by side with the dedicated students in your family.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up some of that fall term gear with customized splashes for style points, or you want to make sure your newly crowned college freshman stays warm while they’re away, or even if you just feel the itch to do something both functional and creative with your spare time, these DIYs should get your crafty energies flowing.

Student Chair Organizer

If your student is like ours, storage space is at a premium in the classroom, the dorm room, and their room at home. Wouldn’t it be nice if your chair could wear a backpack for you that would keep all your essential items and tools close at hand? We thought so, too.

With this comprehensive and easy to follow tutorial from our friends Jane and Sonja at, you can take advantage of this outside the box storage option that will free up shelf space and allow plenty of room for personal touches, as well. If you can multitask, shouldn’t your furniture multitask, too?

Half Square Triangle Pouch

In days gone by, this cute, quick, easy DIY from Heiter and Hurtig would have been put to use storing coins and combined with outfits bereft of pockets. However, these days, these ultra useful carrying cases see much more play as personalized storage for ear buds, mobile chargers, and small collectibles.

Material choice is crucial for this one—during your design phase, consider using a waterproofed fabric to add an extra layer of protection to those tiny, expensive, frustratingly irreplaceable items. Make sure to put some thought into color choice, also. Represent your school, institution, or workplace with pride!

Mix and Match Felt Monsters

This one comes to us from It’s Always Autumn, and it’s super fun! Felt Monsters are all the rage this season, so don’t miss out on this craft project that’s wonderful for the whole family. Why spend money on plastic collectibles you can’t even take out of the box without diminishing their value?

Instead, why not gather some of those old bits of fabric you have lying around (or peruse our extensive catalog, if you’re fresh out) and make something totally unique? This back to school DIY will capture your student’s imagination and yours, too. Envision any monster you wish, and in less than an hour, watch it come to life!

Fabric Tic Tac Toe

Looking to kill some of those quarantine hours with the family, but you’re sick of anything with a screen? It might be time to enjoy one of the classic, two person games we all know and love—Tic Tac Toe—in a  totally new way. It’s low tech, free to play, and it won’t diminish your attention span or spam you with ads.

All you’ll need to make your own back to school DIY tic tac toe board bag is some sturdy fabric, some colored strips of scrap, and ten buttons (pick two colors—five of each). When you’ve finished claiming your bragging rights for a game well played, simply store the buttons in the bag, along with your phone, wallet, keys, or whatever else needs carrying. This DIY is equal parts function and entertainment. Also, it’ll never run out of battery power.

Reading Pillow

Thanks goes out to Happiest Camper DIY for this useful reading pillow design. When reading feels like a chore, sometimes a nice hot cup of tea, a little music, and an incredibly comfy pillow can go a long way towards improving the experience—especially when the book is an assignment that doesn’t stimulate your productivity.

Luckily, if you’ve made one of these pillows, you’ve already been productive—mission accomplished. Since they’re most often used inside the home, these pillows can be highly personalized. Decorate with all the trappings of your guilty pleasures—your favorite poetry, aphorisms, or even just a color palate you find pleasing. It’s your pillow, and you can do whatever you envision.

Canvas ETC, Your Back to School DIY Experts

A good portion of the world runs on fabric, and we have every kind there is. No order is too big or too small; we always have your back. Whatever back to school DIYs you choose this season—wherever your creativity and imagination lead you—we’re here to make sure you’re supplied with the fabric you need to fuel your projects and take pride in what you make.

Browse our unbeatable catalog of products and services; you’ll always find exactly what you need at prices that won’t break your bank. Happy sewing!