Clever Ways to Store Your Fabric Collection

Has your fabric collection descended into chaos? We totally understand. 

And with Spring right around the corner, why not take the time or organize your fabric collection? Here are some ideas on how to store your fabric and some tips on making your collection easier to access and navigate.

Snug and Tidy


These Dollar Tree colorful and translucent plastic storage boxes (with lids) are a great way to keep your fabric collection organized and clean. The tops really make the difference here. You can label these bad boys with the contents or just count on your eyes to look through the see-through containers. The colors can also be used to indicate what is inside each box. For instance, teal could be patterned fabric while the gray could be one-color fabrics. 

Budget Bin Storage with an Upgrade


Over at Simple Made Pretty, dollar store bins got a major upgrade. These cheap, dollar store plastic containers are surrounded with a burlap fabric and hot glue. Then, a paper label or chalkboard label is added to let you know what’s inside. This is a great, affordable option to store your fabric collection. Depending on your home’s décor, you don’t have to use burlap; use whatever fabric you like!

Easy to Assemble and Stackable


The EKET compartment from IKEA is as basic as it comes. But for us, basic = potential. Use these units to store piles of fabrics, preferably color-coded for ease of finding what you need. Or you can get bins to house your fabrics. The design provides shelter to your fabric, keeping them from collecting too much dust. Also, this storage solution is perfect no matter how large your fabric collection is. Just buy more compartments to attach together. Now that’s scalable organization!

Shelves, Drawers and More – Oh My!


Another scalable product from IKEA – the KALLAX storage system is as simple as a 4×4 storage unit, or a big piece like the one above with all the bells and whistles. You can hide away high-value fabrics from light and dust in drawers while your basics and scraps can sit in bins on the shelves. For versatility and class, check out the KALLAX system for your fabric collection.

Think Outside the Box (or Bin)


This truly DIY fabric collection storage solution was shared by the Blue i Style blog. Cinder blocks, wood, and cardboard lift this collection off the ground in an affordable way. We love the way the fabrics are wrapped around thick paper to keep everything neat and tidy. If you’re looking for a rustic storage solution, we’ve found one for you!

Tips to Store Your Fabric Collection

Now that you’ve seen what’s possible, let’s get into some tips for storing your fabric collection:

  • Keep your personal needs in mind. Sure, we can give you lots of ideas, but what do you really need? Do you generally work with yards and yards of fabric for a single project. Or do your fabrics usually come in shorter lengths?
  • Decide where (and if) you want to keep your scraps. Trade with a friend or donate unwanted scrap fabric. What size scraps do you want to keep?
  • Learn to fold fabric. To display your fabric and for easy browsing, learn to fold your fabric. You can use a cardboard template to help guide you for consistency across your collection.
  • Pick a theme. Do you want to organize your fabrics by color? Size? Pattern? Use? Think about what works best for you and stick to it.

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