Fabric Scraps Box for DIY Projects, Upholstery and Proto-typing


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~5lb. boxes contain high-quality, first hand fabric scraps, and consist of predominantly solid colored fabrics, such as Black, White, Red, Ivory, Beige, or Navy Blue. These boxes could consist of linen, polyester, canvas, muslin, velour, fleece, or one of many other types. As these remnants are cut by our very own warehouse technicians, and right here in our Georgia, USA warehouse, we do not always know what different types of fabrics or fabric compositions these are, only that the box is indeed an approximately 5 lb. box chock full of exceptional fabric remnants. Many of the cut fabric off-cuts are even 5 yards in length! We cannot guarantee what is in the box as the remnants are randomly chosen. The box weighs approximately 5 lbs. All sales final!  No guarantees of receiving a variety of fabrics in a box.

Note:  1 bundle per order limit.

Our inventory of these remnant boxes wanes with growing demand, so there is a limited quantity of these. If current inventory is gone, you can still order them, and we will notify you of order fulfillment time. We are constantly replenishing this stocked inventory, however.

A small shipping fee will apply to your order, and will be calculated at checkout. Limited inventory; while supplies last.


Fabric Scraps Boxes for DIY Projects (Limited Inventory that is Consistently Replenished)

As a manufacturer, finisher and distributor of many different types of textiles, we are often asked if we ever have any left-over fabrics for use. Well, the answer to that often posed question is a resounding “Yes!” And in our efforts to be great stewards of our environment, and to “reduce, re-use, and re-purpose,” we now happily offer ~5lb. boxes of fabric scraps, and for your use in crafting, DIY projects, and even for proto-typing!

Pile of folded fabric remnants
Pile of folded fabric remnants – may not reflect what is in the box
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