Tin Cloth Jackets | Uses and More

Tin Cloth Jackets | Uses and More

When it comes to tin cloth jackets, simpler times called for truly inventive measures. While technology has advanced so many different aspects of our lives, there are tried and true methods that remain viable for even the times we live in today. The decidedly clever construction of waxed canvas fabric, or tin cloth, was developed out of a necessity for a long-lasting way to work with canvas.

What makes tin cloth work so well that it hasn’t had to be modified drastically over time? Find out how this miraculous fabric and its products are still useful for endless applications today, including tin cloth field jackets. (waxed canvas jackets).

What is Tin Cloth?

As previously mentioned, tin cloth was a term coined to describe waxed canvas. Tin cloth was named as such to describe its durability as back in its earlier uses, tin was a manufactured material that was considered rugged and useful to all. Products fashioned from tin cloth last due to their waxed treatment.

Once wax was proven to have amazing water resistant properties, people promptly found ways to use it in as many things as they could. Its first uses were in ship sails and at first, raw fish oils were used to create a water resistant or waterproof barrier on the sail’s surface so that water would not weigh the sails down. Once wax was used however, they were able to have the safe water resistant effect without the thicker weight (and smell) of the fish oils.

Tin Cloth Jackets: A History

Tin cloth was developed out of a need to have a water resistant, mighty fabric. Its finest use is in the tin cloth field jacket. Strong, outdoorsy jackets made from tin cloth have been manufactured for decades all over the world! While some would argue that jackets from synthetic materials like nylon can offer the same protection, there isn’t another material like tin cloth that has stood the test of time and won.

Tin cloth jackets were made for the working class but were also widely used for the military. As the wax within the woven canvas fibers runs deep, tin cloth outlasts and outshines many other materials. The distinction of the tin cloth allowed for mass production of tin cloth field jackets. Still popular today as seen in Filson tin cloth field jackets. Filson field jackets made from tin cloth boast great protection while you work on your hardest jobs.

Tin cloth field jackets are ideal for those with laborious work. These jackets, like the Filson tin cloth jacket and others, are great for use in the manufacturing community. They also a wide-ranging variety of amazing benefits to those who need protection against the outdoors, and the elements of nature.

Tin Cloth Field Jacket Benefits

Tin cloth field jackets have made a statement since their inception. Waxed canvas jackets outlast most basic outerwear. Some incredible benefits to tin cloth field jackets are:

Thick, dense material: These jackets are made with survival in mind. While at first they can be slightly stiff and heavier than your common jacket, after some use tin cloth field jackets will conform to your body and feel perfect. The fabric is heavier than standard jackets and can keep you warm and dry in the worst conditions.

Water resistant: Considerably the best factor, tin cloth field jackets are extremely water-resistant. Like the Filson tin cloth field jacket, these outerwear companions are a necessity if you’re an avid outdoor lover. Rain, snow, sweat or any other liquid– you’ll stay as dry as you need in a tin cloth field jacket.

Simple to Clean: Tin cloth field jackets are pretty resistant to different substances, making it difficult to stain. If you manage to get your jacket a little dirty, scrubbing it lightly with a brush or cloth can take pesky spills or dirt off of the fabric in no time. Hang drying is sufficient, as putting tin cloth in the dryer can lead to some issues with the fabric’s longevity. Clean and treat jackets similarly to a leather product.

Long Lasting: As stated above, this jacket can be put to tough use. While other materials deteriorate over time, tin cloth remains intact against almost anything. This jacket is not easily tearable or break down in any sense. It can withstand whatever adventures you’re willing to take it on!

Regardless of your need, tin cloth field jackets are a ready for any challenge.

Tin Cloth Jackets and More: Waxed Canvas Uses

Tin cloth is essentially waxed canvas fabric. Sometimes tin cloth has an oiled finish for an extra layer of protection, but it is predominantly a waxed canvas fabric. Waxed canvas is a cotton canvas that’s been treated with a waxed coating. Waxed canvas fabrics revolutionized the marine industry, but also many other industrially-centric industries. Its simple vigor and consistent nature allows for so many wonderful uses outside of just outerwear, including:

  • Tarps: What better way to keep your outdoor furniture or even grill safe from harsh weather than with waxed canvas! The firm nature of the canvas with the repellency of the wax will keep your outdoor items out of harm’s way.
  • Backpacks: Any good adventurer knows that they’re lost without a sturdy pack! Backpacks or daypacks made from waxed canvas can hold everything you need for a good hike or even a long cross-country trip. You won’t have to risk a broken bag when you stick with waxed canvas.
  • Lunch Bags: For the ideal DIYer, waxed canvas can be sewn into useful lunch bags! Save the planet and feel good about your eco-friendly impact when you fashion an awesome lunch bag for yourself from waxed canvas. Your meal will stay protected, and you won’t have to worry about accidental spills in the company (or home) fridge. Waxed canvas is extremely water repellent.
  • Hats: Your headgear should be made to last. Protect your face against harmful UV rays. A hat made from waxed canvas can help with both!
  • Tin cloth hunting pants and field gear
Tin cloth hunting pants and field gear
Tin cloth hunting pants and field gear

The benefits of tin cloth, or waxed canvas are endless. All you need is some creativity and a sense of adventure to make some amazing products with waxed canvas! Get a jump on your next waxed canvas project today.