SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics)

Silicone Edge Graphics Backdrop
Silicone Edge Graphics Backdrop


What is SEG? A SEG System simply refers to Silicone Edge Graphics, a dye-sublimated and high-resolution fabric vivid graphic that is finished with a thin silicone strip (or gasket). The gasket is actually sewn directly to the edge of the graphic, and which then allows for the strip to easily be inserted into a lightweight seg frame system that has a recessed groove. This form of producing the edge graphics must be absolutely accurate and very precise so that the fabric is taut when installed into the frame. The by-product of SEG is a large, vivid and dynamic format graphic with little to no visible seg graphic frame, and a perfectly taut visual. There is no sagging or wrinkling at all.

There are many attributes of a SEG System that make this such a popular option at trade shows and at so many different types of events! Some of the attributes and benefits are: fabric material that is ultra-light; a vivid accuracy 2nd to none; a highly durable and easily cleaner fabric material; tremendous versatility and functionality; crisp and bold visuals due to the dye-sublimation process of embedding the ink into the fabric; a unit and frame system that is easily stored and transported; and, finally, no unsightly seam or visible sew lines!

SEG Systems graphics and SEG fabric are widely used at trade shows, exhibitions, sporting events, clubs and concerts. SEG Fabric displays are always the first choice and option for fabric graphic printing for brands that require large signage applications, such as in a retail environment like a Mall. The luxuriously smooth finish of fabric really brings the visual and the image(s) to life!

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SEG Systems are ideally suited for event marketing!