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  • Complete trade show counters with hardware and printed fabric
  • Deliver your message with maximum effect at trade shows and other events
  • Maximize your event floor space
  • Provide a nice and comfortable place for attendees to gather and converse
  • Use Counters for laptop displays, merchandise giveaways, or for refreshments
  • Various shapes: Oval, Square, Triangle, Round Bar, Square Bar, Long Oval
  • Product comes with hardware (if ordered) and printed Backdrop and carrying case
  • Quick install, use pipe frame to attach the top & bottom structure; Wrap the structure with the printed fabric
  • Quicker setup and tear down compared to old systems.
  • Trade Show Counters Catalog
  • Please use We Transfer to send us your graphics after placing them on the appropriate template above. Email high quality files to, and please make sure to enter your Canvas ETC. order number in the message notes.
  • 6-25 piece orders will receive 10% additional discount
  • 26 piece orders will receive 20% additional discount


Trade Show Counters

Our trade show counters come in various options to meet your unique event space needs. These styles and shapes include: Oval; Square; Triangle; Round Bar; Square Bar; and Long Oval. Extremely fast installation for these counters requires merely using pipe and frame to attach the bottom and top structure, then simply wrap the vertical structure with the printed fabric. You are done with your set-up in under 30 seconds and will now have a new cornerstone vertical marketing piece of “furniture” where event attendees can meet and converse.

Trade Show Counters-Square-Bar
Trade Show Counters-Square-Bar

Our trade show counters are very popular as they are used for:

  • stand up tables
  • work-stations
  • laptop displays
  • merchandise giveaways
  • product guides and instructional booklets
  • marketing material
  • refreshments
  • showcase new products
  • provide ample marketing material and leave-behinds
  • outline services and costs
  • and much more
Trade Show Counters -Round-Bar
Trade Show Counters -Round-Bar

Our trade show counters (and many options) ensure that you make the absolute most of your allotted trade show space/ event real estate. Easily portable, and ready to go, this graphic vertical stand with broad counter top conveys your message with great detail. This attribute will ensure that your Brand/ Your message really stands out from the crowd! And this will generate that most critical attention, interest and remembrance.

Your brand deserves to shine, and our counters will give you the perfect platform to ensure that maximum brand exposure is realized and that you deliver your message with maximum effect and results!

More than 5 trade show unit purchases earn an additional discount of 10%, and more than 25 individual trade show counters units earn an additional 20% discount. If you have any questions, or would like to request specific quotes, please email our dedicated Customer Service Technicians at

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Trade Show Counters-Long-Oval
Trade Show Counters-Long-Oval
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