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Steel Tarp 16′ x 27′ 18 oz Vinyl – 4′ Drop

$257.25 $231.00

  • Durable 18 oz vinyl coated polyester, water proof and UV resistant
  • Stainless stell d-rings, not coated (2 rows)
  • Brass grommets roughly every 24″ or 2′ apart
  • All joints are heat welded to avoid leakage
  • all sides are double hemmed and sewn for added durability
  • Used on flatbeds or cargo trucks with 4′ drops
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Steel Tarp 16′ x 27′ 18 oz Vinyl – 4′ Drop

Our steep tarp 16′ x 27′ 18 oz vinyl – 4′ drop isåÊmade from superior quality 18 oz vinyl coated polyester that is water proof and UV resistant. åÊThe chemistry in the vinyl helps with abrasion, vinyl adhesion and cold cracking. åÊUnlike our competitors this tarp will not become stiff and rigid in cold temperatures and will take years to fade! åÊThere is no flap or tail on this tarp, but it can be configured in a way to have 4′ drops.

Additional information

Weight 64 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 11 in

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