Versatop Pipe & Base 2.0 Inversion Kit 6′-10′ High


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  • Watch instruction video below
  • Drapes up to 10’H, Kits come in runs of 10′
  • This is an inline kit for a back-wall, not a booth
  • Versatop Inversion Series Upright – 2 Pc 6′-10′
  • Versatop Telescoping Drape Support – 6′-10′
  • 18″ x 18″ Galvanized Steel Base with special 8″ Inversion Pin and Screw
  • Optional items for double drape system:  Additional drape support and Versatop Side Arm
  • This is a hardware package only
  • High quality adjustable upright and crossbar made with aluminum that is lightweight and portable.
  • Perfect for weddings, galas, corporate events, trade shows and much more
  • This setup can be transformed into room divider, decoration piece and backdrop kit
  • Industrial grade components are built with durable and heavy duty material that can last a long time
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Versatop Pipe & Base Kit includes:

Qty 2 – Versatop Inversion Series 6′-10′ Uprights
Qty 2 – 18″ x 18″ STEEL BASES
Qty 2 – 8″ Inversion PINS AND SCREWS
Qty 1 – 6′ – 10′ Versatop Pipe and Base 2.0 Drape Support

****Please note:  your current 1.5″ or 2″ pins won’t work with these uprights.  Inversion Series uprights using a custom pin.****

Versatop Pipe & Base Kit Optional Items

Optional Items to setup a double drape system
Qty 1 – Versatop Side Arm
Qty 1 – 6′ – 10′ Versatop Pipe and Base 2.0 Drape Support

Created by the well-known and highly popular, this Versatop Inversion pipe and drape kit comes complete with all hardware and components to make any wedding, gala, corporate event, or trade show flow smoothly and with a touch of elegant sophistication. This kit can even be used as a room divider.  NO LADDERS REQUIRED!  EXTREMELY DURABLE

Demonstration on how to use the kit


How the Inversion Series Upright Fits into it’s Pin


The Durability of Versatop Pipe & Drape System


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