2 Pc Versatop Inversion Series Uprights – Versatop 2.0


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  • Made in USA
  • Extremely durable, limited lifetime warranty
  • Never use a ladder again!  Save time and money.
  • Takes the danger out of hanging pipe and drape
  • Patented ground up raising and lowering with Glide-Lock technology
  • Heavy-duty inner pole for safety and durability
  • Available in anodized silver and black
  • These inversion uprights require special pins that work with any standard base.  Regular 1.5″ diameter and 2″ diameter pins won’t work.  You will need one pin per upright.


This NEW feature Versatop Inversion Series Uprights of Versatop’s Pipe and Drape 2.0 system is what you’ve been waiting for. Traditional pipe and drape systems often require multiple people, ladders and accidental slipping locks. Today, you’ve got access to the Versatop Inversion Series with Glide-Lock. This system allows for ground-up lifting. And for reasons we’ll outline below, this is a significant benefit to you!



Versatop Inversion Series Benefits

There are five substantial benefits and features of the Versatop Inversion Series. If you’re on the fence about transitioning to this new system, here are some reasons you’re missing out:

  1. Each upright is fitted with a Versatop Crown. These patented connections keep everything locked solidly in place.
  2. Ground-up lifting for easy assembly. Your back will thank you for our new feature—no ladder required as you easily twist the Glide-Lock for smooth telescoping motion.
  3. Single lock release, putting the control in your hands. The single button lock release gives you a controlled lowering of the upright.
  4. Sturdy, durable inner pole for your safety and longevity of the product. Versatop has made sure these uprights are built to last. The inner pole always takes a beating in pipe and drape sets. However, it doesn’t have to become damaged with the durable design from Versatop 2.0.
  5. Limited lifetime warranty. Ask us about the limited lifetime warranty offered on the Versatop Inversion Series with Glide-Lock.

The Solution You Need for Easy Assembly

In the trade show industry, you need pipe and drape products that save you time. You’re always on the lock with set up deadlines. The Versatop Inversion Series makes it easy to extend your uprights to the proper height without the use of a ladder. Stand safely on the ground while raising and lowering the upright to the correct position.

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