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  • Complete trade show display racks with hardware and printed fabric
  • Deliver your message with maximum effect at trade shows and other events
  • Maximize your event floor space
  • Provide a nice and comfortable place for attendees to gather and converse
  • Use this for brochures, business cards, smaller products, and other products you want in focus.
  • Various shapes: Oval, Square, Triangle, Round Bar, Square Bar, Long Oval
  • Product comes with hardware (if ordered), printed Backdrop and carrying case
  • Four different sizes including oval, triangle, square, and flat wall system.
  • Quicker setup and tear down compared to old systems.
  • Trade Show Counters Catalog
  • Please use We Transfer to send us your graphics after placing them on the appropriate template above. Email high quality files to, and please make sure to enter your Canvas ETC. order number in the message notes.
  • 6-25 piece orders will receive 10% additional discount
  • 26 piece orders will receive 20% additional discount


Fabric Display Rack – Ideal for Events and Shows

Maybe you need a locking door on a cabinet for extra storage space or customized trade show counters. No matter what your exhibit and trade show needs are, the experts at Canvas ETC. can help!

We understand that trade show counters add an important dynamic to your overall exhibit. From a sophisticated display to a casual feel, you can find it all with Canvas ETC.

Let’s talk more about how trade show counters transform your space and how to leverage custom design for maximum brand awareness.

What Role do Trade Show Counters Make in a Convention Booth?

Trade show counters aren’t folding tables or regular display features. These mobile pedestals are specifically designed for use in trade shows and other conferences or events. For ease of assembly, each Canvas ETC product is created to make your job easier.

Inevitably, trade show counters are a focal point in your trade show exhibit. Use them to showcase products, marketing collateral or position staff to discuss your products and services with attendees.

Here are some more ways exhibit counters are useful:

Use trade show counters to display marketing collateral such as brochures, sales sheets, and samples.

Attract attendees with a game placed prominently on your display counter. Games are a great way to promote a new product or service.

Creating successful encounters with your new or returning clientele doesn’t have to be a chore. Setting up your trade show booth to include a display counter and other accessories keeps your booth interesting. Entice all sorts of people to your brand with the right convention booth setup.

The Main Benefits of Trade Show Counters

There are endless ways you’ll set up your booth for an upcoming trade show. From using tension fabric displays to portable podiums, the benefits to adding a portable trade show counter to your setup are:

  • Branding Identity: Getting your company’s name out there is key at any trade show. Each trade show counter usually comes equipped with ways to enhance your branding by adding your logo or company information with a fabric display. Portable trade show counters provide optimum space to display what your company is all about to your prospective consumers.
  • Exhibit a Product: A trade show is the ideal place to share information about a new or upcoming product with your customers. Trade show counters are great pieces to exhibit your products so your clientele can physically review and learn the benefits of your goods and services. Product displays atop your trade show counter will provide a targeted space within your trade show booth for those to visit and revel in your offerings.
  • Storage: Storage space may be harder to come by at a trade show event. Finding the best place to keep your promotional items like brochures or business cards handy is made simple with a good counter. You can easily reach for your items to refresh your displays or hand off to a new customer with your portable counter’s storage spaces.
  • Blocking Spaces: Space is typically limited at a trade show events. Event planners usually give a maximum amount of space for your set up. A trade show counter maximizes your space and helps define the right flow for your traffic.

These main benefits of trade show counters with fabric displays make your overall trade show experience successful.

The Importance of Having a Custom Exhibit

Trade shows are beneficial to businesses looking to promote their products, services, and brand. Having the right exhibit setup that’s custom made for your company ensures you’re promoting yourself and your brand the way you want. With so many accessories tailored for trade show booths, the options are vast.

Trade shows connect you to your clients. Having a custom exhibit lures your clientele to attending your trade show to begin with. With the right marketing tools, a sneak peek of your custom exhibit is all they’ll need to see all your company has to offer.

Saddling up with the right accessories helps too. Fabric display racks, trade show counters, banner stands, and more create eye catching booths to entice your customer. They help display your brand’s message and showcase your company’s greatest assets.

Add a personal level of care to your customer interactions with a reception counter where they’ll greet your friendly, supportive staff. No level of details are too small when you have a custom exhibit.

How Canvas ETC Can Help

Canvas ETC. is your one stop shop for all your trade show needs. Counter displays, locking storage booths that’ll double for product display, or banners with your logo professionally printed are just some ways we’ll satisfy your exhibiting requirements. Our team ensures your materials meet the standards and regulations of your venue with our fire retardant fabrics too.

Want to learn more on all we offer? Contact us today and one of our experts will help you get up and running for your next trade show event.

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