DIY Canvas Storage Totes – Heavy Duty Canvas


DIY Canvas Storage Totes – Heavy Duty Canvas


Canvas Sewing Tutorial – DIY Canvas Storage Totes

View our new video tutorial on how to create your own multi-use DIY canvas storage totes! This stylish and useful carrier is created using our high-quality cotton duck canvas and 2-inch wide polypro webbing. These materials are durable and useful for a variety of applications.

What You Need to Make Your Own Heavy Cotton Canvas Storage Totes

Sewing your own DIY canvas storage tote is easy to do! And once you learn how to create your very own tote bag, you will possess the knowledge and skill set to repeat this project time and time again! In less than one hour, you will complete this project using the following items:

Product List

#1 Cotton Duck Canvas (1 yard)

Black PolyPro Webbing – 2 Inch Wide (3 yards)

Spool of Heavy-duty Thread

Other Supplies (to be purchased from your local craft store)

Marking Pen

Pair of Scissors



Benefits of Using a Canvas Storage Tote

Take to the Beach – Bring beach toys, towels and snacks with you! This tote can carry a heavy load, so toss all your essential beach items inside for a fun afternoon of laying in the sun and swimming.

Carry Craft Projects – Whether you knit or sew, these canvas storage totes are an easy way to carry your current craft project. Skeins of yarn and rolls of fabric fit well into the cylindrical shape. Carry your project with you to sewing circles, on your commute to work or work out of the bag in your home.

Toy Storage – Plenty of toys fit nicely into this tote. Due to it’s solid, flat bottom and sturdy sides, you can place toys inside and the tote will stand up. Place a few of these canvas storage totes against a wall for a trendy toy storage area.

For Groceries – Using reusable bags for your shopping is a sustainable, ethical choice. Whether you’re headed to your local grocery store or farmer’s market, this canvas tote can carry anything! If the bag gets stained or something spills inside, you can toss the bag in your washing machine to easily clean, or simply wipe with a cloth.

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