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Pre Primed Canvas Floor Cloth

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Floor cloth, as the name suggests, is a cloth used as either a floor covering, or a cloth used to clean your floor with. Floor cloths, used as early as the 18th century in England to either protect an expensive rug or converted into a lavish floor decoration were initially used by the affluent. Now, pre primed canvas floor cloth is commonly used for numerous amounts of projects and applications.

Pre-primed canvas floor cloth has little exception to regular styles of floor cloths or drop cloths. While pre-primed canvas floor cloths have an advantage being coated in acrylic gesso, they are still used similarly to uncoated canvas floor cloths.

Floor Cloth Canvas: How it’s Made

Floor cloth canvas starts off as most canvas does. Canvas itself has been a staple fabric for centuries. Manufactured as early as the 13th century, canvas was initially made into practical applications like sails, tents, and bags. After its practical uses however, canvas fabric was also used for painting.

Canvas is made with woven fibers, usually cotton or linen and weaved in a plain style. Tighter woven canvas is duck canvas. Pre-primed canvas coated in gesso (while used for different things) is usually used as artist canvas. The gesso coat exists so that the paint or material being used by the artist doesn’t deteriorate the canvas itself and it can last through time.

Manufactured similarly to unprimed canvas, pre-primed canvas floor cloth bares its advantage by being coated. Depending on the weight or style, pre-primed canvas floor cloth is a great solution for many different projects.

Pre-Primed Floor Cloth Canvas Weights

Pre-primed floor cloth canvas extends to different styles and weights, depending on your need. Some variable weights of pre-primed floor cloth canvas are:

  • #6 Cotton Duck: #6 cotton duck is a cotton canvas that weighs about 21 ounces per square yard. This heavyweight cotton duck variety is ideal for durable utility bags or industrial coverings. This canvas, when applied with coats of gesso becomes pre-primed canvas that works well for floor cloth.
  • #8 Cotton Duck: #8 cotton duck is the cotton canvas that weighs about 18 ounces per square yard. We carry a primed variety of this weighted canvas for floor cloth.
  • #10 Cotton Duck: #10 cotton duck is the ideal cotton canvas for pre-primed floor cloth canvas styles. When primed, its uses stretch from painted floor cloths to rugs and other elaborate coverings.

While pre-primed floor cloth canvas is usually sold under a heavier weighted canvas, lighter canvas varieties are sometimes used. Undeniably, using lighter canvas isn’t traditionally ideal however due to the durability of a heavier duck cotton canvas.

Pre Primed Canvas Floor Cloth vs. Unprimed Canvas

As previously mentioned, the biggest difference between pre-primed canvas floor cloth and unprimed canvas floor cloth is the gesso coating. The coating on pre-primed canvas floor cloth acts as a protecter and sealer. It helps a canvas floor cloth stay viable for longer than an untreated canvas floor cloth.

While unprimed canvas floor cloth is still paintable or used for various projects, pre-primed canvas floor cloth will typically outlast unprimed canvas. Unprimed canvas floor cloth is still great for things like canvas rugs and drop cloths, but they will deteriorate over a period of time a bit more quickly than pre-primed canvas.

Pre-primed canvas floor cloth is minutely heavier than unprimed canvas because of the coating. Depending on the number of coats of gesso the weight difference is only slight. Therefore, this doesn’t truly affect all of its fine offerings and will work amazingly on a number of fun projects.

Durable Pre Primed Canvas Floor Cloth Uses

Pre-primed canvas floor cloth is a do-it-yourselfers’ dream fabric! Its versatility allows for great applications, like:

  • Floor Cloth: Make a painted floor cloth or use without decorating to protect your floor! Our durable pre-primed canvas floor cloth is perfect for keeping your floors in mint condition.
  • Murals: Want to create a large statement piece? This durable, long lasting pre-primed canvas floor cloth is wonderful for making large mural work that you won’t miss.
  • Paintings: Create a decorative painting with acrylic paints from our pre-primed canvas floor cloth! Coated twice with gesso, your painting will last on our canvas floor cloth for years to come.
  • Projection Screens: Use our pre-primed canvas floor cloth as a cloth projection screen! This natural alternative is great to use for your next big family movie night or event.
  • Industrial Coverings: Lastly, keep your precious equipment in working condition with the use of this pre-primed canvas floor cloth. Built to withstand harsh elements, this floor cloth will keep harsh conditions off your valuables.

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