Our Top 5 Favorite Creators

We love our partners and creators who work with a variety of fabrics and designs to make one-of-a-kind pieces. Today, we’re featuring our top 5 favorite creators in the textile space.

Sustain My Craft Habit

sustainmycrafthabit favorite creators

Run by sisters Jane and Sonja, Sustain My Craft Habit encourages makers to create their own home decor pieces in the latest trends and styles. On their website, you’ll find tutorials about knitting and crocheting, DIY projects, upcycling furniture, home decorating (coastal and modern), and crafting with natural materials. Some of their works have been featured on The Spruce, Country Living, and MSN Lifestyle. They are also partnered with us at Canvas ETC.

Lulet Designs

lulet our favorite creators

Run by twin artists Wendy and Michelle, Lulet Designs designs colorful artwork that can be printed on a variety of mediums. According to their website, “Lulet means “flowers” in Albanian” and “pearl” in Amharic; like them, Lulet designs are fresh, colorful, and joyful!” They have partnered with us to create custom printed fabrics on poplin, canvas, velvet, and more!

Katja Ollendorff Designs

katja our favorite creators

Katja Ollendorff is a masterful textile and surface pattern designer. Her work is colorful and bold! They are featured on everything from children’s clothing to community wall murals. There are over 100 of Katja’s patterns on our website and are available for purchase on a variety of fabrics from cotton canvas to sateen. 

JWylie Designs

jwylie our favorite creators

JWylie is a textile and surface pattern designer for stationary, home decor, and quilting markets. In his own words, “My desire is to create designs that can be embraced and used to enrich my client’s living environment. Through painterly florals, re-imagined classics, layered textural designs, bold geometrics, and modern conversational prints, my designs help clients create an environment that is their personal sanctuary.” Some of his whimsical and exciting designs are available on our website and printed on over 20 fabrics. 

Canvas ETC

canvasetc logo

Our amazing team at Canvas ETC has lots of ideas! We’ve compiled many projects for customers through videos and on our blog. We encourage the use of our versatile canvas fabric on your upcoming projects, especially those that require durable materials. For example, our popular tutorial on how to make cornhole bags shows you how to make bags for this fun game with our cotton duck and sewing thread.

Watch our cornhole bag tutorial:


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