Free Fabric Remnants for DIY Projects, Upholstery and More


Fabric Remnants for DIY Projects

As a manufacturer, finisher and distributor of many different types of textiles, we are often asked if we ever have any left-over fabric remnants for use. Well, the answer to that often posed question is a resounding “Yes!” And in our efforts to be great stewards of our environment, and to “reduce, re-use, and re-purpose,” we now happily offer 5lb. boxes of FREE fabric scraps, and for your use in crafting, DIY projects, and even for proto-typing.

Pile of folded fabric remnants
Pile of folded fabric remnants

These 5lb. boxes contain high-quality, first hand fabric scraps, and consist of predominantly solid colored fabrics, such as Black, White, Red, Ivory, Beige, or Navy Blue.  These boxes could consist of linen, polyester, canvas, muslin, velour, fleece, or one of many other types. As these remnants are cut by our very own warehouse technicians, and right here in our Georgia, USA warehouse, we do not always know what different types of fabrics or fabric compositions these are, only that the box is indeed a 5 lb. box chock full of fabric remnants. Many of the cut fabric off-cuts are even 5 yards in length! And, many are long yardages of canvas fabric remnants!

You can checkout these fabric remnants boxes, and add them to your cart by clicking through here. Please note, we do charge a nominal shipping fee.

As our audience and engaged consumers are always anxiously planning their next project, rest assured that we now have our Free Fabric Remnants Program in place to support you on your path to ideation, discovery and creation. We understand that sewing, creating and upholstering can be an all-encompassing hobby and endeavor (and not an inexpensive one), so we are glad to be of support and assistance in your process! Rather than wasting these fabric scraps and dumping them in the trash bin, we now have the  opportunity with you to up-cycle them into wonderfully new projects!

Fabric for DIY Craft Projects
Fabric for DIY Craft Projects

We have so much fabric in our warehouse, that we will continue to maximize our materials’ reduction after custom cutting for unique orders, and will give them away to local schools for their various courses, and as we have done for the last 4 years!

Rolls of Textiles at Canvas ETC.
Rolls of Textiles at Canvas ETC.

What Can You Do With High-quality Fabric Samples?

We are only limited by our imagination when it comes to what we can craft and create with these high quality fabrics! There are so many unique possibilities, and many have already utilized them in their upholstery projects, in pillow making, practical DIY projects, and even to teach the novice seamstress a patchwork project, such as blankets, scarves, pillows, chair cushions, and more!

Here are some high quality end-product tutorials from Alanda Craft that are ideal instructional DIY steps to learn how to craft and create very useful items:

  1. Quick and Easy Pot Holder Tutorial
  2. Zippered Pouch Tutorial
  3. Fabric Journal Cover
  4. Reusable Heat Pack
  5. Needle Holder Tutorial
  6. Lavender Sachet Tutorial
  7. Couched Patchwork Tote Bag
  8. Charm Square Tote Bag

Utilizing these first-rate fabric scraps is an ideal and inexpensive way to re-purpose textiles. It is also a fun way to create a finished product, or advance your prototypes of a challenging design all the while creating something that you can use  around your home, your office or as gift giveaways!

As a Friendly Reminder:

Each 5lb. box is packed randomly with high quality off-cuts of many different fabric types.  They can be long yardages of canvas fabric remnants, nylon, duvetyne, cordura, sunforger tent fabric, denier fabric, muslin, poly mesh, banjo drape fabric, velour, ripstop, duck cloth, and many, many more types and varieties! You cannot make specific fabric type requests for these Fabric Remnants. However, if you would like to review, select and order specific weights, colors, textures and types, you can always do so by clicking thru here.

After you have crafted and made something entirely unique with these fabrics, please email us at and share your designs! We would certainly love to see what you have created, so post away on social media and tag us to notify. We look forward to seeing what these remnants become!

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