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We have the largest in-stock inventory of Wholesale Fabrics, including Cotton Duck Canvas Fabric, Waxed Canvas, Duck Cloth, Artist Canvas Painting Fabric, Sunforger Canvas, Mil-Spec Fabric, Insulated Fabric & Denier Fabric to meet all of your specific needs! No minimum order requirements!

Besides cotton duck canvas, we offer waxed canvas, artist canvas painting fabric, outdoor marine, awning fabric, cotton canvas fabric, dyed fabrics, tent (tipi) fabric, truck tarp, and vinyl fabrics. Our full range of finishing services like slitting, coloring, sewing, and fabric printing (through our dye sublimation equipment) will make your finished project ideation come to life! We only use organic transfer paper and only non-toxic inks! We are conscious of our environment, and work diligently to reduce the carbon footprint of our manufacturing of textiles processes!

As we are fabric and wallpaper printing specialists, we can print one of our designs, or one of yours that you upload and email to us at, and on over 20 different fabric types. We are passionate about textile design, so put our team to work for you!

Outside of our design and custom fabric printing services, Canvas Etc. is a large online fabric store that offers factory direct pricing to our many business customers and direct to the consumer. No one can meet our supply side, as we offer the widest range of products that are:

  • water repellent
  • flame resistant/ fire retardant
  • mildew resistant
  • anti-UV
  • by the full roll, or cut yard
  • a broad range of colors, patterns, weights & widths
  • exclusive Collections from acclaimed designers
  • finishing services – slitting, coloring, sewing, and finished products
  • fabric printing on over 20 different fabric types
  • manufacturing of cushion covers, drapes, and wall tapestries/wallpaper

Our 20 different fabric compositions (fabric types) ideally suited for dye sublimation printing for drapery, wallpaper, upholstery, pillowcases, garments, tapestries, and scarves are:

  • 100% Cotton Poplin
  • 100% Cotton Voile
  • 100% Cotton Canvas
  • 100% Cotton Sateen
  • 100% Polyester Satin
  • Duck cloth
  • Rayon
  • Bull denim
  • Viscose Crepe
  • Brushed Canvas
  • 100% Polyester Velvet
  • 100% Polyester
  • 100% Polyester Satin
  • 100% Polyester Charm
  • 10% Linen/ 90% Polyester
  • Faux linen
  • 100% Polyester Chenille

If you are uncertain about which fabric is right for your design project, you can order a fabric swatches sample book here.

duck canvas free sewing tutorials

Learn to Sew with Canvas ETC

Please also visit us to view our free sewing tutorials. We work with many talented seamstresses to make these highly informative and instructional videos that utilize our various fabrics, including cotton duck canvas/ duck cloth. Please sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to get updates on our latest videos, special discount codes, coupons, and new products.

duck canvas what is canvas

Please visit our page What is Cotton Duck Canvas? to get detailed answers to various textile-related questions.

So, what is cotton duck canvas? Duck is a strong, heavy textile available in a variety of weights and qualities.  It’s woven as a plain-woven cotton fabric or a basket weave pattern. Canvas is often heavy, strong, and firm – like duck.

 Canvas duck canvas/ duck cloth is commonly made from:
  • cotton
  • synthetic fibers
  • acrylic
  • linen
  • hemp (historically)

This versatile fabric is often used in awnings, slipcovers, upholstery, curtains and drapes, boat covers, bimini tops and marine applications, and many different home decor projects. Heavy plain-woven cotton creates a rustic yet practical look. It’s either plain or basket (Oxford) weave and could have a soft or firm hand.

duck canvas preprimed rolls

Fulfilling Artists’ Needs

We offer a full array of pre-primed artist canvas rolls. From weights ranging from 7 oz/sq yd (pre-primed weight) to 18 oz/sq yd (pre-primed weight), you can find the right primed duck cloth material for your project.  We double coat our pre-primed canvas with an acid-free, acrylic gesso.  All our primed canvas rolls are shipped in a cardboard tube to avoid creasing. The fabric arrives to you ready to be used on your next project!

duck cloth sunforger

Sunforger cloth is used for tipis, tents, and other camping gear as its 100% cotton is breathable and strong.  Sunforger cloth is used outdoors for covers, shelters, tarps, tipis, and yurts. It is pre-shrunk, mildew resistant, rot resistant, UV resistant, and flame resistant (optional). All Sunforger army cotton is made with A-Grade premium yarns and sold by the yard or by the bolt. Need to buy Sunforger products in large quantities? Call us to set up a wholesale account and we will offer you factory-direct pricing.

duck canvas FAQ


What are the Basic Weaves for Canvas?

  • Basket weave-type is a plain weave where two or more yarns travel together in the warp direction while two more yarns get inserted together in the fill direction (ballistic nylon).
  • A plain weave is a weave where one yarn travels in the warp direction while another yarn is inserted in the fill direction. (Click these links for some of our wholesale cotton products => army ducks, Sunforger, numbered duck.)

What are Greige (Gray, Grey) Goods?

In the textile industry during manufacturing, this describes unfinished, loom-state woven or knitted goods.  Please call us to inquire about wholesale cotton fabric prices.

What are Different Types of Finishes?

  • Water Repellent: A treatment that enables the textile to repel water but does not make it completely waterproof.
  • Waterproof: Will resist leakage and wetting even under a heavy shower.
  • Mold and Mildew: A finish to prevent the growth of mold or fungus on cellulosic and protein-based textiles. Mold and mildew damages synthetic fibers.
  • Flame-Retardant Finish: Textiles made flame-resistant by using inherently flame-resistant fibers, adding flame-resistant chemicals to the spinning solution when the fiber is made, or applying a chemical to the fabric. Flame retardant textiles should be durable (able to withstand up to 50 washes), non-toxic, and non-carcinogenic. In most cases, the hand and texture of the textile product remain the same.

Do you offer Fabric Printing?

Yes, we certainly do offer fabric printing. Either submit your design, or choose from one of ours, such as our Katja Ollendorff Designs Collections, JWylie Designs, or Lulet Designs, and we can print the design onto 20 different fabric options/ fabric types. Fabric printing is one of our many specialties!

Fabric Printing On-demand
Fabric Printing On-demand

Watch this video from our YouTube channel here to learn about our quality control measures and broad fabric printing services:


We can even finish a final designed product for you, and will soon be offering:

  1. Scarves
  2. Drapes
  3. Bags (Totes, backpacks, children’s/ infant)
  4. Waxed canvas bags
  5. Wallpaper and wall tapestries
  6. Slipcovers
  7. Pillows (pillow covers)
  8. Wall art (on canvas)
  9. Fabric accent walls
  10. Table runners
  11. Accent rugs
  12. Seat Cushions

Duck Canvas vs Denier for Outdoor Tents?

A question we’re asked constantly: “what type of material is to be used for an outdoor tent?”

More important than the fabric used is the environment it will be used in and the duration it will be exposed to the elements.  For wall tents (hunting) in the Midwest that have lower humidity levels, a cotton product would be ideal (or even Sunforger canvas).

Cotton tents with no weather treatment should always be covered with a vinyl tarp, but make sure to allow an inch or two gaps between the cotton and the vinyl.  Sunforger canvas is already weatherproofed, but it’s still breathable.  Therefore, the inside of a wall tent should be dry and warm in the winter, and if a vinyl tent is used in this situation there will be moisture build-up due to condensation on the inside.

How Did Numbered Ducks Get Their Numbers (#’s)?

In the earlier days, most numbered ducks were woven to 22″ standard width. The numbering system of ducks (#1, #6, #12, etc.) comes from subtracting the weight of one 1 linear yard by 22″ width of the fabric from 19.  Number 12 was roughly 12 oz/sq yd so a linear yard at 22″ weighs roughly 7.33 (round down to 7). Subtract 7 from 19 and you get 12, hence Number 12 duck.

Some typical uses of various grades (with weights in ounces) are:

  • No. 1 (30.50 oz/ sq yard): hammocks, cots, sandbags
  • No. 4 (15 oz/ sq yard): sea bags
  • No. 6 (21 oz/ sq yard): large boat covers, heavy work clothes
  • No. 8 (18 oz/ sq yard): work clothes, clothes bags
  • No. 10 (14.75 oz/ sq yard): work clothes, shower curtains
  • No. 12 (11.5 oz/ sq yard): light clothes
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